“The program sucked me into entrepreneurship, gave me lots of inspiration and ideas and introduced me to the importance of scalability.”

Fabian Dudek, Founder of Nestpick


The academy is a 12-week program that empowers ambitious startup entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into a business and scale it. Through mentoring, workshops and amazing network, you’ll work on building a product that people want and love, and create a business model around it.

Why we organize the academy program?

Get in the Ring is focused on existing startups and not ideas. However at our activities we often meet people who are inspired and have great ideas or just simply want to start a company. Since we believe it is important that they have a place to go we started organizing the Academy program. The program is a collaboration with the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship and is based on their Get Started program that already helped more than 250 early-stage entrepreneurs to test their ideas. The main goal is not to build new companies, but to develop more entrepreneurial talent that can really make an impact.

What we offer you

From our network of investors, experienced entrepreneurs and experts.

On topics such as business modeling, lean startup methodology and customer development.

At the Global Headquarters of Get in the Ring, next to more than 100 innovative companies.

Where you can track your progress and skill development.

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