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“Besides the fun and great working environment, Get in the Ring provided me the opportunity to work on projects all around the world, right at the start of my professional career!”

Anouchka Gering, part of the Get in the Ring family since 2015

The next generation of entrepreneurs

What is the Academy?

The Get in the Ring Academy is 12-week hands-on project-based program where you, a talented student, starter or professional, get the opportunity to develop your entrepreneurial skills. You will work in a team of 5 other Academy members together with the global Get in the Ring team on a real projects and activities. The goal of the projects in the Academy is to make a global impact by developing activities for talented entrepreneurs and potential world changing innovations. Are you ready to make a change?

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A hands-on experience

How it works

You can apply to one of our Academy projects - we have multiple Academy projects every year. After a thorough selection process, you’ll work fulltime at the global office of the Get in the Ring Foundation. During the program you’ll have trainings and pizza/beer sessions every other week, to develop your professional and personal skills. The project that you will be working on is a real project, that if developed successful will be implemented globally. After 12 weeks you will get the opportunity to pitch the project to a leadership board and receive a letter of recommendation.

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because it's awesome


- Be part of a project team that creates global impact
- Experience working in a global startup environment and work with people from different cultures
- Build your professional network, boost your career and find opportunities globally
- Develop new entrepreneurial skills through trainings and pizza/beer sessions with the team

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