Current Challenges

What are challenges?


Through Challenges we invite you to apply for open innovation calls by our partners. These partners often are large companies, governments and NGOs. They are not only looking for your innovative products and solutions, but are ready to work with you. Apply for a Challenge to get in contact with the right person, and land your next billion dollar partner.

Why you should apply?


Challenges are a great way to test your product-market fit. You can get partners that have the network and resources to scale up your business. All the companies that do a challenge with Get in the Ring are ready to work with you. They have committed to invest, co-develop or do a pilot project if you win. It’s not about short-term cash prize, but long-term value.

How does it work?


We know you are a busy startup. We know that you are already developing the next world-changing innovation. So we don’t ask you to create a new idea, crowdsource votes and so on. No, we only ask you to let us know how your solution can be of benefit to the company. You can do this by applying online with basic information about your company. After that we will guide you through the selection process.

Are you ready for new innovations?

We are always looking for large organizations that would like to work with startups with proven solutions through pilot projects, and scale up when successful. Want to know more? Leave your details and let’s drink a coffee together!

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