Enhance next generation 5G and digital identification to create a smart society and industry of the future with KPN

Pilot contract, access to network Deadline passed


KPN is looking for innovative, proven, and scalable 5G security solutions in the area of “Identity of Things”. KPN has the ambition to bring connectivity to the next level by introducing 5G as an enabler for collaborations across different value chains in the digital ecosystem. More connected value chains are the next step towards future cities and societies with a more circular economy.





For more than two years KPN, along with customers and partners, have been testing the added value of 5G in several 5G FieldLabs in various industry segments. KPN is working hard to enhance the Dutch network by rolling out fibre optics and modernizing its mobile network. This means that the network is ready for 5G and therefore will allow multiple smart applications to work towards future proof societies and industries. 

The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges

The Challenge

KPN is looking for innovative, proven and scalable, 5G security solutions in the area of “Identity of Things”.

Solutions can be found in the fields of Identification, Authentication or Revoking Access. The solutions should be applicable in new IT situations as well as in legacy environments and should be able to operate in real-time.

We are looking for solutions that can be applied to the following markets:

Industry 4.0

Solutions related to using machine learning for maintenance, real-time data analysis with sensors or the application for virtual reality solutions for installing complex machinery.

Connected and Automated Mobility

Solutions which allow for self-driving vehicles, optimize traffic control systems, smart transport systems, and real-time traffic insights.

Drones and Mission Critical Communication

Solutions such as live measurements of clinical data, remote interaction between patients and doctors or services to enable first responders.


  • Pilot to test your solution with KPN and scale if successful

  • Access to the network and facilities of KPN, including 5G field labs, and other industry leaders.

  • Access to Rotterdam Unlocked; an online ecosystem event to stimulate collaborations within the city of Rotterdam


Your solution should

  • Have a working prototype or product ready for piloting

  • Be willing to work with the KPN on the implementation of your solution and thus occasionally be on site.

  • Already be active and established with a customer base


August 17


The deadline for applications is 23:59 CEST on August 17.
Beginning of September


We announce the selected startups beginning of September.
September 22-23


Selected startups will be invited for one-on-one online business meetings taking place during Rotterdam Unlocked (online) from September 22-23.


The most relevant startup(s) will enter into the pilot phase from October onwards
Deadline passed

The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges