Innovate and optimize public transport in the Netherlands with MRDH, RET and HTM

Pilot Project, 15K workshop credit, Access to Network Deadline passed

InnOVatieroute is an initiative of HTM, RET and Metropolitan Region Rotterdam The Hague to optimise public transportation facilities. Yes!Delft is working with Get in the Ring as part of this initiative, and looking for startups with innovative solutions that solve the current growth restrictions and fix bottlenecks in the public transport network during peak hours. 


The Metropolitan Region Rotterdam The Hague (MRDH) is an urban metropolis comprising 23 municipalities, a population of 2.3 million and employment for 1.2 million. 13.5% of Dutch people work here, representing 15% of the Gross National Product. A major economic center of the Netherlands. Every town and village has an identity of its own but partnerships are forged to strengthen the region’s economy.


HTM is the leading mobility company in The Hague. Their focus is on the travelers, the environment and the society for which they work. 


RET strives for perfectly organised and executed public transport with the highest quality in Rotterdam.

The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges


HTM, RET and MRDH want to reduce the strain within public transportation during peak hours. It is expected that this region will expand with more than 400.000 residents in the upcoming decade, so this challenge is looking for solutions to help with this growing demand for public transport.

TImetable optimization

Help RET and HTM optimize their transportation network timetables using AI, big data, etc.

Occupancy detection

Help to increase the accuracy of occupancy measurement within the different means of transportation.

Network optimization

Help optimize the transportation network using technologies like digital twin, geospatial data, etc.

Nudge transport use outside of peak hours

Help to incentivize passengers to use transportation outside of peak hours using technologies like gamification, etc.


Any technology which can be implemented into mobility, public transportation, etc.


  • Pilot project with MRDH, RET and HTM

  • 15K Credit for workshops, programs and masterclasses at YES!Delft

  • Access to YES!Delft network and experts


  • Have a working prototype or MVP

  • Have pre-existing clients or have already implemented your solution with a client

  • A minimum of two co-founders

  • Operating in the tech industry


MARCH 1ST 2020


MARCH 5TH 2020


MARCH 23RD 2020


MARCH 24H 2020

FINALS DAY @YES!Delft in Delft

Deadline passed

The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges