Scale your agri, food, water, energy or robotics solution to Spain with soft-landing from ICEX and their local partners

Access to network, collaboration, media exposure, investment opportunities, visas for your team and softlanding in Spain with a local partner. Deadline passed

Over the past years, the innovation ecosystem in Spain has grown exponentially, the number of entrepreneurs, the quality of projects, the financing, and its global position. That’s largely thanks to ICEX’s contribution, which now gives startups the opportunity to participate in this unique European ecosystem and accelerate their global growth.


ICEX is seeking companies that are planning to set up business in Spain with innovative solutions in Agri, Food, Water, Sustainable energy product and process optimization robots. Solutions that add value to the field of agri-food and optimise water cycle operations are increasingly important for the protection of the environment and the fight against climate change. 


When accepted into the programme the startups will join a Bootcamp-Rising UP together with the local partners, which is an online 5-day programme. Here the local partners and startups will be matched, and 50 collaborative agreements will be formed. Companies accepted in the programme will have access to networking opportunities, and media exposure and will be part of a  comprehensive acceleration programme delivered by a team of professionals. 

The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges

The challenge

Adding value to Agri-Food processes

Improving crop yields and creating value from waste streams through digitalisation and new products.

Innovative solutions that valorise waste, improve yields by making agriculture more efficient and sustainable and improve farm management.

Technologies include: Novel fermentation methods, waste upcycling, IoT & Sensors, Big Data and AI, automation & robotics, precision farming, DLT technologies and more.

Digitalization of water cycle operations

Optimising monitoring and management, throughout the water cycle, through digitalisation and new products.

Innovative solutions that optimise the operational management of the integral water cycle, to improve water resources and their sustainable use.

Technologies include: Data capture, Analytics & AI, Iot & Sensors for remote control, pipeline innovations, data visualisation and more.

Sustainable energy production and storage

Optimising energy production, storage and mobility by focusing on sustainability and renewable sources.

Innovative solutions that make the use of alternative energy sources more efficient and sustainable, through infrastructure, services and new technologies.

Technologies include: Hydrogen, Biomethane, Energy storage, renewable energy sources, offshore energy applications, Gus infrastructure, 4.0 industry and more.

Process optimisation through robotics

Novel robotics solutions able to solve modern problems found in different industries.

Hardware-based innovative solutions that optimise production, supply chain and safety in multiple industries.

Technologies include: Medtech, Foodtech, Agritech, Cleantech, Mobility, 4.0 industry and more.

What's in it for you

Startups accepted into the programme will receive:

  • A comprehensive acceleration programme delivered by a team of professional consultants.

  • Access to a network of investors in Spain, and networking opportunities with clients, developers and events.

  • Visibility in media for your startup project.

  • Working space at a local partner in Spain for at least six months.

  • Support to apply for entrepreneurs visas, and help with paperwork to set up your startup in Spain.

Additional criteria

To be ​eligible for the program:

  • Your company should be planning to set up a company in Spain.

  • Your company should demonstrate a high growth potential linked to disruptive technological developments that are scalable and have highly innovative content.








Deadline passed

The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges