Work with Bierfabriek to create a more sustainable brewing process by providing new applications for brewing waste streams and circular packaging

Pilot contract, access to network Deadline passed

Get in the Ring and Bierfabriek are looking for startups that can contribute to making the beer brewing industry more circular through solutions and technologies that reuse, reduce, and recycle the waste streams produced from the industry. From the brewing process, Bierfabriek creates 8 mln litres of wastewater, 400 tons spent grain, as well as waste heat from the boiler, which could be upcycled to create value. To aim for a more circular loop in the brewing industry, we need to think of new and innovative solutions for these waste streams.


In early 2021 Bierfabriek will open “Stadshaven Brouwerij” in M4H-Rotterdam. The brewery will have a starting capacity of 2 mln litres per year and will be delivered ‘turn-key’ by a leading German brewery supplier. At the start of the brewery, Bierfabriek will already have reached a reasonable degree of circularity by selecting suppliers based on circularity, implementing best in class brewery practices to save water and energy, installing 3400 solar panels on the roof of the brewery, and provide the spent grain as feedstock to their neighbours the Floating Farm.

The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges

The Challenge

The Bierfabriek would like to further explore circular processes to increase their circularity. Therefore, we are looking for solutions that tackle the whole value chain. Example solutions include:

Biogas as a substitute:

solutions to source biogas as a substitute for natural gas used in the brewing process.

Waste streams for reuse:

solutions which allow input ingredients to be sourced locally and from existing waste streams (eg. fruit peels), as well as new used for the Bierfabriek’s spent grain.

Waste to heat:

such as solutions that capture waste from the brewery and produce heat for the restaurant.

Circular packaging:

solutions that reduce the waste produced by packaging. Example solutions can introduce returnable bottles in the craft environment or make other improvements on sustainable packaging.

What's in it for you

  • Pilot contract to test your solution in Rotterdam

  • Access to the city’s network of relevant partners; PlantONE, Municipal Water Treatment facilities, Port of Rotterdam, Waste processors, chemical industry.

  • Access to Rotterdam Unlocked; an online ecosystem event to stimulate collaborations within the city of Rotterdam

Additional requirements

Your solution should

  • Have a working prototype or product ready for piloting

  • Be willing to work with the Bierfabriek on the implementation of your solution and thus occasionally be on site.


August 17th

Application Deadline

The deadline for applications is August 17th.
Beginning of September

Announcement of selected startups

We announce the selected startups at the beginning of September
September 22-23

Unlocked virtual event

Selected startups will be invited for one-on-one online business meetings taking place online during Unlocked from September 22-23.

Pilot phase

The most relevant startup(s) will enter into the pilot phase from October onwards
Deadline passed

The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges