Work with the Municipality of Amsterdam to innovate the sustainability and mobility within Amsterdam

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Together with the Startup in Residence program, Get in the Ring is looking for startups that can innovate mobility and increase sustainability in the City of Amsterdam. We are looking to collaborate with startups who can provide solutions for a wide range of areas surrounding mobility and sustainability.



Startup in Residence, a governmental startup incubator, is an initiative from the City of Amsterdam. After five successful programmes in the city of Amsterdam and one in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, the city of Amsterdam has decided to run a sixth programme entirely focused on the themes of sustainability and mobility. This year it is a combined effort from the Municipality of Amsterdam and the regional transport authority, Vervoerregio Amsterdam (VRA).

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The Startup in Residence program this year is focusing on Mobility and Sustainability, more specifically, innovative solutions in the following directions, which can be implemented within the City of Amsterdam:

An insightful alternative to using your car

Find a way to give consumers clear insights into the economic and environmental impact of their current mobility habits and from this, provide practical advice and solutions for using alternative forms of mobility.

Circular construction

Develop an innovative solution to stimulate circular construction. This can be in either products and/or services that can be used in circular construction and renovation.

Circular textiles

Develop circular textile products that match the procurement needs of the city in the coming four years.

Green and efficient deliveries for a better neighbourhood

Devise a solution for a more efficient – and preferably emission-free – supply of goods and services in busy neighbourhoods in the city.

Alternative food packaging

Develop alternatives for packaging food that meet hygiene measures intended to combat the spread of the coronavirus, but still embrace circular values. The goal is coronavirus-proof packaging and tableware

Smart charging solutions for recreational (private) boats

Develop a sustainable, client-friendly, financially attractive and scalable charging solution for electric pleasure craft that can preferably be tested and realised before summer 2021.

Park that bike right

Solutions that make it possible to distinguish between people who are parking their bikes for a short time (<2 hours) and for a longer time in busy areas in Amsterdam, solutions that increase awareness of the rules, encourage the desired bicycle parking behaviour and does not rely heavily on enforcement.

Less pressure on the road, less stress on the bike

Devise a digital or non-digital solution that the City of Amsterdam can apply to ease the pressure on the bicycle network and enable cyclists to choose appealing and comfortable routes.

Connecting assistance on the way

Devise and bring to life a ‘helping hand’ digital platform that connects people with restricted access or disability to random ‘helping hand’ passengers in the Amsterdam Area.

Journey simulator - public transport

Devise a journey simulator for the Amsterdam Area’s mobility network that focuses on (potential) accessibility issues encountered during journeys. The simulator needs to be kept up to date and passengers must be able to deliver feedback.

Connect local food to the hood

Find an innovative solution to make regional food logistics more sustainable, efficient and cost-effective, so that regional, sustainable produce becomes more accessible for the local market.

Waterborne charging solutions for cargo vessels

Develop a waterborne charging solution for commercial electric cargo vessels.

Emission-free taxis

Increase demand for emission-free taxis in Amsterdam, by making it easier and more attractive to choose an emission-free option when ordering or selecting a taxi.


Do you have a great idea in the field of mobility or sustainability to innovate Amsterdam? The solution must have a societal goal, meaning that it must offer added value and be relevant to the residents of the municipality or to the municipal organisation.


  • 6 month part-time, customised program to develop your MVP / Prototype

  • Support from experts and the Municipality and Vervoerregio Amsterdam’s network during the Startup in Residence program

  • Possibility of a long-term collaboration with the Municipality


  • Have a working prototype/service

  • More than two founders

  • Be based in the Netherlands


Join the online Q&A session on July 16th 12:00 – 13:30 and get a better understanding of what solutions they are looking for. Sign up by July 12th.



Have questions but can’t be at the Q&A session? Send in your questions online by July 26th, midnight (UTC+1), to have them answered on August 4th. 


August 11th


Deadline for all applications is on the 11th of August, midnight CEST
August 14th


Finalists will be announced on the 14th of August
August 21st - 28th


Selected startups will present their solutions between 21 - 28th of August
August 29th - 30th


Selected startups for the Startup in Residence program will be announced 29-30th of August
September 28th


The Startup in Residence program begins
Deadline passed

The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges