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Evonik and Beiersdorf continue their Sustainability Challenge to reach founders to help them strive toward complete decarbonization. They are joined in their efforts with Unknown Group, to give opportunities to founders, and to make the future more sustainable.

In an era where sustainability is paramount, companies worldwide are stepping up their efforts to create a more eco-friendly future. Evonik and Beiersdorf, two global industry leaders, have united their strengths to tackle the pressing sustainability challenge. By leveraging their collective resources and innovative capabilities, these companies have created the Evonik & Beiersdorf: Sustainability Challenge. They are dedicated to decarbonizing their value chain through sustainable raw materials and the utilization of novel digital solutions.

Startups and scale-ups working with Evonik and Beiersdorf will have the opportunity to scale their business through cooperation, go-to-market partnerships, and access to funding in the sustainability field. This will allow them to bring their sustainable solutions to the cosmetic industry at large. In order to join, the solution should have in place a prototype or product beta version (a TRL-4 or above). This will ensure swift progress towards scaling solutions.

Unknown Group, as firm believers in the transformative potential of circular and sustainable resource management, has partnered with Evonik and Beiersdorf. They recognize that collaborating with startups and scale-ups is not only essential for environmental stewardship but also as a key driver of innovation and industry progress. With a shared conviction, the three companies have kickstarted this unique opportunity for founders to begin a committed partnership which supplies them with pooled resources and avenues to generate more impact. They are eager to explore fresh and inventive sustainability solutions.

The selected startups and scale-ups will have the opportunity to join Evonik and Beiersdorf in Hamburg, Germany, where they can showcase their activities and create a collaborative roadmap through dedicated meetings. The program will commence on September 27th with an initial gathering of founders and partners, providing an afternoon session to customize pitch presentations. The following day, September 28th, will feature a morning pitch event, allowing startups to present to representatives from Beiersdorf, Evonik, and their peers. In the afternoon, one-to-one meetings will take place with department heads and members of the VC team, facilitating discussions.

To get more information and to apply for Sustainability Challenge, visit the challenge page via this link.