What is the Global Meetup?

The Global Meetup for us is all about leveraging our global network with top-tier people to support, invest or collaborate with the innovators we select from all over the world that are solving the 21st century challenges.

Who is going to the Global Meetup?

– 300+ selected startups from 110 cities spread all over the world. These have been selected as part of the Global Startup Competition by Get in the Ring, either during local events in their countries or through the public voting that run in April.
– Innovation professionals, and investors passionate about innovation, eager to see the latest developments in all industries and ready to help startups scale.

What are the advantages of going?

  • Meet top global innovators. Spot the latest technological disruptions
  • Get ahead of the game.
  • Dive into the challenges of your industry
  • Find your next business partners. Explore opportunities and make deals
  • Connect with peers. Meet fellow leading innovation experts (peer to peer)

A live battle where 3 startups will be awarded the title of winner of 2020 and an investment fund.

Where is the Global Meetup 2020 and why?

This year, the Global Meetup will be in Montréal. It is one of the hottest startups hubs in North America at the moment. It is an international reference for innovation, entrepreneurship and economic growth. A city with a long rooted history of explorers, that unites European charm and North American attitude.

Will there be a Get in the Ring competition at the Global Meetup?

Yes. Our experts will identify the 6 finalists that will compete on the ring during the Live Battles in the evening of the 4th of June.

I want to go. How can I do that?

To attend the Global Meetup you can buy a 3-day pass for $500 CAD (Excl. tax) via this link. In order to be able to compete for the title and investment fund, you need to earn a spot in the final of the Global Startup Competition. You can do that by participating in one of our local competitions, being awarded a wildcard, or participating in the public voting.

Who can compete in the Ring?

Selected startups will be asked to compete in the Ring. These are either winners of local events, those who have been awarded a wildcard or won the public voting. There will be a selection process during the event to decide which ones will battle live on stage.

How will the selection process work?

The goal of the selection process is to choose winners of the Global Startup Competition in three weight classes (light-, middle-, heavy-weight). The criteria within the selection process will be based on the Get in the Ring rounds (link for more info). The information used in the selection process is provided by the startups via their profile on Gribbio. The selection process consists of the following steps:

  1. Pre-event review – A dedicated selection committee will go over all startup profiles and thoroughly validate the information provided.
  2. 1-on-1 meetings –  During Day 2 of the Global Meetup all startups will have 6 meetings with industry experts and investors of 25 minutes each. Each meeting will result in a review and feedback for your company.
  3. Final battles – Out of all startups, a top 6 will be selected. These finalists may take the stage during the final battles on Day 3 of the Global Meetup. Three champion jury members that will decide on the winners during these final battles.

Will the startups receive feedback concerning the selection process?

After the Global Meetup, we will provide startups with feedback, combining the comments from the 1-on-1 meetings and Get in the Ring team observations. Additionally, startups will find the contact details of participants that showed interest to provide additional support and guidance.

Will there be a prize for the 3 winners of the Global Meetup?

Yes. The 3 global winners of the battles win 2 introductions anywhere in the world with any organization they wish. Our team will make this meeting happen and the startups fly with our travel budget to this meeting.

How do the investment opportunities work?

This year, the Unknown Group has €10mln as committed investment for the startups that were part of the Global Startup Competition. Selected startups can receive up to €2mln. All the startups who took part in the Global Startup Competition will be reviewed by our investment team, not only the 6 finalists that are invited on the Ring.

As a startup, how can I prepare for the Global Meetup?

You can prepare your pitch in advance and maybe bring a sample of your product to do a demonstration. You will receive further information after claiming your access ticket.

How are startups matched for the Live Battles?

Any startup can battle, from any industry. It’s about having a good concept and story. The thing that makes that battle unfair is when they are in different stages. That is why we have, like with a real boxing match, weight classes to divide the startups. Lightweight are startups valued up to $0,5mln USD, middleweight $0,5mln to $2,5mln and heavyweight $2,5mln+

Can 'Get in the Ring' help me obtain a VISA to travel to Montréal for the Global Meetup?

Yes, we can provide you with an official invitation letter to request your visa. Please send us an email to

. If other team members are joining as well, please send their personal details as well.

Can I buy a 1 day pass?

No, this is not possible. The program is designed to create the ultimate value for our guests and we believe only participating in the full program will achieve this.

Why is the Global Meetup in a different place every year?

Because it brings an extra dimension to the meetup, making it much more a community event, giving our network the opportunity to explore new ecosystems every time they join us.

Startup Winners

How does Get in the Ring support my participation in the Global Meetup?

We will offer the following:

  • 1 return flight ticket for 1 person per startup involved in the competition.
  • 1 free access ticket for 1 person, including program fee, access to all of the activities scheduled and lunches, dinners and drinks during the event.
  • accommodation for 1 person in the period 2-5 June

How will Get in the Ring arrange my travel?

You will receive an official invitation email from our team with a form through which you will confirm your participation and give details about where from and when to fly. We will share with you possible options and book the flight that fits you best.

For more details on the flight tickets, please check the conditions listed in the confirmation form.

Can I make my stay in Montréal a bit longer?

Yes, you can. In the confirmation form, you will be able to indicate the city of departure and your preferred travel dates. We will do our best to suggest options in line with these dates. However, if you plan to stay longer in Montréal, you will need to arrange accommodation yourself.

How do I get my free access ticket to the event?

After arranging your flight, you will be sent a unique code that will allow you to claim your ticket for free.

Can I bring a co-founder with me?

Yes, we will be happy to welcome him/her as well! However, Get in the Ring can only cover costs for 1 person per startup, so costs for travel, accommodation and entry ticket for any extra person are at your expense.