Global meetup 2019 - Day 2

Future Sessions

What are the future challenges of the industry, how is the landscape changing and what actions will have to be taken. The Future Sessions will be both an exploration of the different topics and of business opportunities.

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Future sessions - Tuesday June 18th

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1-on-1 Meetings: explore business opportunities

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What challenges need to be tackled along the way?

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Future of Cleantech

Roughly 1 billion people – or about 13% of the world’s population – live without electricity. 4 million people die every year because they do not have access to clean fuels and technologies for cooking. Cleantech can change that, but in order to do that, we need to tackle some challenges. We need to create more efficient and cost-effective products and reduce the negative impacts of fossil fuels on the environment. All of these are crucial to ensure a clean and equal future for all.
Hosted by:

Pia Dorfinger

Industry leaders:

Future of Fintech

The way we experience and manage money is developing fast. Over the past years, we have seen the rise of mobile banking, investment apps, and other alternative ways of managing our finances. AI and blockchain seem to be next big trend coming to fintech. Will these technologies be used just to make our lives more comfortable, or will it enable access to finance for the 40% unbanked world population?
Hosted by:

Christopher Schmitz

Jan van der Windt

Maarten Zee

Industry leaders:

Future of Food & Agri

The challenges agriculture faces nowadays are plenty and varied. They range from how to improve efficiency, sustainability and empower farmers to how to build a sustainable industry and support bio-based products and processes. How can we address these challenges and feed the upcoming world population of 10 billion?

Bruno Meireles de Sousa

Industry leaders:

Future of Health

The healthcare industry is evolving constantly and needs to accommodate the ever-changing society we live in. With higher life expectancy, new diseases, a developing market expansion, rising labor cost, among other factors, healthcare needs to adapt and evolve. But how can we make sure the future of healthcare is beneficial for everyone?
Hosted by:

Koen Harms

Industry leaders:

Future of Hightech

The high tech industry shapes the digital transformation we are going through and defines the path for the entire market. How can the players in this market work together to tackle the long technology pathways and entry barriers that characterizes this market?
Hosted by:

Betsy Lindsey

Industry leaders:

Future of Mobility

Shared mobility, electrification, and autonomy are the trends redefining the way we travel from point A to point B. The mobility ecosystem is based on digital infrastructure, connectivity, and advances in technology. This can transform individual mobility and tremendously increase the efficiency of urban mobility infrastructure. How can we move into the future of seamless mobility?
Hosted by:

Ana Rome

Industry leaders:

Future of Workforce

The automation and digitization of the industry is resulting in a disruption in the role of the traditional workers. Manual labour worker faces increasing pressure regarding the output of work, whereas robots seem to be very efficient for repetitive tasks, but struggle to perform inconsistent tasks of handle dynamic situations. Combination of state of the art tech and human workers could be a more plausible future. What technologies will arise? And how will the combinations look like? And how do you need to implement this in the near future?
Hosted by:

Armel Mejane

Fredrik Tukk

Future of Enterprise Software

With decisions becoming more and more data based, new innovative solutions are needed to visualise, interpret the data and make the right decisions. Making the most out of technological advancements such as Internet of Things and Big Data on internal and external software can have a significant impact on the whole organisational structure and customer experience. What are the new cutting edge solutions that can disrupt the daily process that enterprises go through?
Hosted by:

Sebastian Austen

Jason Nadal

Industry leaders:

Open Future Session

Haven’t found a session that will fit you? Not a problem. Open Future Session will gather entrepreneurs, industry leaders and investors who are looking beyond a single industry and are innovating out of the box, solving problems that the rest did not realise exist. Their solutions for the future might surprise you!