31 May 2018


10.00 - 16.45


Cidadela de Cascais, Portugal

Government can play an important role in driving innovation through public procurement. Think about buying products or services based on innovation driven KPIs, demanding technologies that require R&D, or even buying R&D directly. This session will bring together SMEs, public procurement professionals, and policy makers from the OECD, European Commission, World Bank, and the Portuguese and Israeli Government. We will share experiences, discuss challenges and co-create effective frameworks, ultimately leading to more involvement of startups in public procurement of innovation, greater business opportunities and shared value.


Graca leads service design initiatives in Government within administrative modernisation and civic engagement public policies. Prior to this Graça was Deputy Mayor of Lisbon with the Responsibilities of Economy, Innovation, Education and Administrative Reform, served as Chief of Staff of the Minister of State for Internal Affairs and the Secretary of State for Justice in the seventeenth Government constitutional, Deputy Director of Legislative Policy and Planning Office of the Ministry of Justice and Researcher at the Centre for Social Studies, Faculty of Economics, University of Coimbra.


Policy Officer at the European Commission, European Commission, Directorate of Digital Single Market, Start-ups and Innovation Unit

Experienced Policy Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the government administration industry. Skilled in Innovation Procurement, International Project Management, European Integration, and European Law. Strong community and social services professional with a Doctor of Philosophy focused in European Commercial Law.


Dan Shaham (Ph.D in Psychology) is in charge of the Europe-Israel economic affairs in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Dr. Shaham has served in various European posts including Consul General for Southern Germany in Munich. In this capacity, he has developed the "New Kibbutz" and the "Partnership Accelerator" programs which are currently implemented in many countries around the globe. Both programs serve as Bilateral platform for innovation.

Startup Officer (CTO) for Municipality of Amsterdam


Innovation policy expert with a track record of projects in innovation procurement and support to disruptive technologies and businesses. Ongoing Phd research on scale up and commercialization of disruptive emerging technologies. Strong commitment to European integration and interests in partnership and coalition building around innovation and technology issues with EU Member States and partners abroad.
Skillful at political and institutional advocacy and negotiation on innovation and technology policy. Committed to personal and organizational development.


Matthieu Cahen currently works as a senior policy analyst specialised in public procurement in the Public Governance Directorate of the OECD and is the Deputy Head of the Public Procurement Unit. He works on several projects in different regions of the world, including technical assistance provided to the Mexican government for the construction of the New International Airport of Mexico City.


Fernanda Ferreira Dias is, since 1 February 2018, the Director-General of Economic Activities in the Ministry of Economy in Portugal. She is an official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs formerly assigned as the Advisor for international affairs to the Minister of Economy, Mr. Manuel Caldeira Cabral (February 2016 – February 2018).

She holds a degree in International Relations with a specialization in Political and Economic Relations of the Higher Institute of Social and Political Sciences (Technical University of Lisbon). She began her professional career at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1991. From February 2004 to August 2010, she held the position of Senior Counsellor at the Permanent Representation of Portugal to the European Union (EU) in Brussels and she was responsible for the Competitiveness/Single Market files, Industry, Better Regulation, Consumer Policy and Tourism.

Throughout her career, she coordinated and monitored the negotiation process of different European legislation and represented Portugal in expert meetings at EU level, as well as meetings of the OECD, United Nations and other bilateral or multilateral fora. She has worked in all Portuguese Presidencies of the EU Council of Ministers (1992, 2000 and 2007) and has chaired three EU Council working groups involving all Member States during the 2007 Portuguese Presidency in Brussels.


Currently works as a Head of Public Procurement Department at IAPMEI I.P. - Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation; Member of the EEN - Enterprise Europe Networking - PORTUGAL team, for Public Procurement issues;
Prior to this I was Auditor EU funds for investment projects for SME and Financer Controller.
Postgraduate studies in Management and Public Policy, University of Lisbon; Postgraduate studies in Public Procurement law and Practice at Catholica Lisbon School of Law; Graduate in Accounting and Management and Public Administration.


Krish has been working with the World Bank for the past 20 years. He previously worked as General Manager of a UK based procurement and export agency/consulting firm operating from South Africa. Prior to that, for about 15 years, he worked in Zambia as Head of Procurement for one of the world's largest copper mining companies. Krish has been doing significant work in the procurement and contracting arena in public and private sectors for over 35 years.


Martin Luxemburg is director of the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship (ECE). Next to ECE Martin, together with 4 business partners, co-founded the global marketplace for startups ‘’Get in the Ring” that connects startups worldwide (active in +100 countries) to opportunities like investors, corporates and governments. After finishing his Financial Management degree in 2009 at TIAS School for Business and Society Martin has been involved in the Dutch entrepreneurial ecosystem for the past 9 years. Through his work at ECE he setup and participated in several EU collaborative projects to enhance the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Europe. Through his consultancy firm Halbe&Koenraads, he co-developed a so called Startup Infrastructure Diagram (SID) to map the entire startup ecosystem of a city, region and country. Through ECE Martin is board member of the Dutch Centre for Entrepreneurship foundation (DutchCE), a collaboration of the 10 largest university centres for entrepreneurship in the Netherlands.


Joao is the Director of StartUP Portugal and passionate about leveraging the power of innovation and technology to drive new ventures success. Experienced in supporting growth both in large companies and entrepreneurial environments.


Jochem Cuppen is co-founder and global director of the Get in the Ring Foundation and partner in HK Group.
With Get in the Ring Jochem and his team are on a mission to impact challenges faster by utilizing the potential of startups. Next to Get in the Ring Jochem was part of the founding team of the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship. He was responsible for setting up a variety of startup and investor programs and was the project leader behind the development of the Rotterdam Science Tower, a 30,000m2 office building where science meets business. Jochem holds a masters degree in Entrepreneurship & New Venturing at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University.


Henrique Burnay is senior partner and manager at Eupportunity. Previously worked as political adviser for a Portuguese MEP, press secretary to the minister of Justice of Portugal and journalist in O Independente and Grande Reportagem


Axel heads Reuters’ Lisbon office, where he has covered everything from Europe’s debt crisis to forest fires and the startup technology sector. Before Portugal, he worked as a foreign correspondent in his native Norway, Denmark, the U.K., Argentina and Brazil.
At the beginning of his time in Lisbon he was one of the Reuters journalists covering G20 summits and IMF/World Bank meetings in the wake of the Lehman collapse. He also reported on the negotiations and signing of the Lisbon Treaty, which includes the infamous article 50 on leaving the European Union.
During his time in Latin America he reported on the rise to power of President Lula and frequently wrote about the environmental impact of the destruction of the Amazon rain forest. The Amazon was the backdrop for his first book, Adriana, a story about modern-day slavery.
He has also delved into crime fiction, having co-authored two novels set in Portugal.
He holds a BSc in International Politics and an MA in Journalism and speaks Portuguese, Spanish, English and Norwegian. He frequently moderates at international conferences held in Portugal.


Jade is a serial entrepreneur and currently CEO of Onhys.


Arshak Navruzyan is Chief Technology Officer at Sentient responsible for leading the engineering direction and vision for Sentient’s core distributed artificial intelligence (DAI) platform. He is in charge of product strategy and research for the DAI platform and also leads the data science team in support of Sentient’s Intelligent Commerce offerings and trading for Sentient Investment Management.

He has been in technology leadership roles at Argyle Data, Alpine Data Labs, Endeca/Oracle and is the founder of Fellowship.AI, a machine learning fellowship program. Arshak has delivered AI solutions for multi-billion dollar quantitative hedge funds, venture-funded startups and some of the largest telecoms in the world.


Mitchell is Founder of AVRGE International


Why join

  • Be part of a community of public procurement professionals, policy makers and startups;

  • Share and co-create improved frameworks for collaboration;

  • Collect and give input from key stakeholders involved in public procurement of innovation to enhance future frameworks and strategies.


10:00 - 10:15

Welcome to the Government-Startups Session!

10:15 - 11:15

The state of public procurement of innovation

11:15 - 12:15

Reducing barriers in accessing public procurement

12:15 - 13:15

Lunch break and Networking

13:15 - 14:15

Policies and tools to increase access to public procurement

14:15 - 15:15

Challenges, best practices, and benchmarking approaches

15:15 - 16:15

Roundtable working sessions

16:15 - 16:45

Concluding Remarks | Closing

Citadela de Cascais

The Citadel of Cascais is a set of fortifications built between the 15th and 17th centuries to defend the Cascais coastline and River Tagus estuary and to protect against attacks on the capital of Portugal, Lisbon. The citadel incorporates three separate developments, the tower of Santo António de Cascais, the Fortress of Our Lady of Light (Nossa Senhora da Luz de Cascais), and the former Royal Palace area. For the Global Meetup the Citadel will be turned around into a real co-creation market.

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