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Appjection strongly believes all individuals should fully utilize their legal rights. Automating non-profitable, low-end legal aid, we aim to make this aid both accessible and benificial. Currently we provide quality legal assistance at scale appealing to wrongful traffic and parking fines. After uploading a photo of a fine, text recognition AI analyzes it and asks tailored multiple choice questions to determine whether an appeal will hold. If it does, we will bring it to court automatically, handling the entire case for the driver, relieving her from any legal burden. If the fine is just, we explain why and forgo appeal. All of this is free of charge, as the Dutch government will reward us for every successful appeal. Of 11M fines yearly 2.5% are wrongful. These can now be appealed, from any device, in under two minutes. Current competing “solutions” will either provide a do-it-yourself, cover-all-bases letter of appeal, with low chance of success, or be an entirely manual, non-scalable process. Our appeal-button easily integrates allowing partners, e.g. car leasing or logistic companies, to offer their clients and employees the same specific and automated appeal process in their own online environments. Current strategic partners like ARAG and LeasePlan provide us with a great opportunity to quickly scale to other countries too.