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Customer expectations from their insurance providers in the digital age go beyond just access to data and ease of use. Customers want their insurance company to proactively offer insight and advice that can help them achieve their financial goals. CoinScrap is an asset management App making saving as easy as spending. We have redesigned the user saving journey to improve the saving experience. We create digital spare change for each card or bank account transactions, and transfer automatically the spare change into financial products or for donations, enabling users to learn saving based on their individual behaviors. We allow users to customize saving rules such (round ups, save share of incomes or spendings, recurring deposits frequency, save when they complete a certain amount of step, when their football team wins a game, everytime they post on social networks etc). Also an asset management bot help them help to focus on extra amount that could be savedMillennials can remain the same, our set of customizable saving rules At coinScrap we make saving entertaining and easy, users can maintain their habits while our rules run in the background. Coinscrap is a new breed of life-saving insurance solution, one that truly puts customer needs first. It provides timely and useful insights that keep customers informed and help them stay on top of their financial affairs. Using real-time predictive analytics to empower customers, insurance companies can reestablish themselves as trusted partners to the consumer. The reality is that consumers don’t want to “manage” their finances – they don’t have the time, patience, or knowledge to do it. What people need are tools that can be highly-personalized, forward-looking, and require little to no e ort on their part. They want timely and relevant bite-sized tips and advice that help them control of their day-to-day finances, make better decisions about their money, and take small but tangible steps towards better financial health.