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At Gamification Nation we specialise in offering Gamification Design Solutions, which means we assist our clients in formulating a thorough gamification strategy. We start by looking at your business objectives, the current behaviour patterns of your target audience and then work in collaboration with you to design the solution, which is then put to the test and tweaked to achieve results. To date we have worked with global brands to overhaul their internal learning academies, we have designed on-boarding solutions for hiring managers as well as new employees, we have also gamified recruitment, employer branding, employee well-being, improved sales performance, online and off-line training, loyalty programs and membership communities. Our work has resulted in the following: - Learners experienced a sense of achievement and went back for more - Managers felt peace of mind they had everything in place for their new hires - Members engaged with more content and started a dialogue online - Online quests made learners and customer have fun with content and much more