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Gremon Systems provides innovative IT solutions to greenhouse growers and greenhouse managers who seek to understand plant energy balance, that results in direct cost and yield benefits. Our mission is to digitalize the delivery of plant behavior analysis to maximize plant health and growth. Our products are real-time, cloud-based hardware and software solutions. Software and hardware developer, manufacturing and sales company; the innovative solutions provide unique, concrete cost and yield advantages to the horticultural producers. Software development, manufacturing and administration in Szeged, office in Budapest. We simply translate the language of a plant for human! Problem 1: How to achieve further yield growth under simple or high-tech growing conditions? Possibility: There has been no real innovation in greenhouse production in the past 20 years. IoT and sensor technologies provide a great amount of data. Analyzing them requires professional knowledge and time. Answer: Trutina product family Problem 2: How to control human resources effectively under growing surfaces (even hundreds of hectares)? Possibility: Increasing scarcity of human workforce while more administrative, food safety and food tracking regulations. Answer: Insight Manager product family Trutina: „Keep updated on every breath your plants take!” Plant monitoring and reporting system based on weight measurement; no direct competitor on the market. The vision is to digitalize greenhouse management, and support remote consultancy. Insight Manager: „Be simple, flexible and mobile!” Greenhouse workforce monitoring system; terminal and mobile based, a flexible professional solution. TRUTINA: Integrated plant weight measurement system consisting of hardware and a cloud based software. With Trutina you can measure the weight change of the plants or a separated medium with hanging or platform-based methods. Precise tracking of plants' weight change, measurement of the available light energy give a conclusion on the degree of evaporation and biomass changes. Trutina gives insight into the key factors of the physiological changes of plants, modelling the whole plant energy balance. It has a dashboard to visualize different data and plant changes. A totally new solution, not measuring changes of the external environment, but drawing conclusions from the life processes of the plant. By analyzing the available data it can determine how much is the expected biomass production of a particular breed in a given geographical region on a given day under specific climatic conditions which is a great way to evaluate performance. INSIGHT MANAGER: A real-time greenhouse workflow monitoring system; with its help one can follow up on workers’ standards, productivity and the ratio of completed and not completed tasks. Based on the processed data the productivity of a company can be tracked on the evaluation dashboard. The system has many administrative functions, and can easily be integrated with other systems. (already integrated with access control and weighing) Better management and use of labour force provides cost advantages to producers; Labour administration is digitalized; Available in cloud or on local server, available on fixed terminals or on mobile devices, also supports group administration;