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We have developed a cloud-based learning platform that uses Artificial Intelligence and Gamification to revolutionize the way companies learn. This self-learning system measures the way every one of your users learns, and offers them an optimal personalized learning path, going so far as to predict when individual employees are likely to forget critical information and repeating it just in time. We visualize the knowledge present in organizations and provide learning and development managers with real-time insight to help them fill knowledge gaps. No learning solution can ever succeed without adoption and users that love the tool. Knowingo excels at offering a great user experience because it is built by game developers based on proven game design principles. Customers such as AkzoNobel, PostNL, Elsevier and VodafoneZiggo agree. Their employees love Knowingo so much that they can even be found playing it in the evenings and on weekends. Next to improving employee knowledge and making them more confident in their job, knowingo has been shown to increase employee engagement and is able to strengthen the social fabric as it also has the potential to ensure that employees rapidly get to know 100's of their colleagues by name face and background. Curious what it looks like? Check out our new trailer: Want to find out why it works? Check out the TED talk on the science of Knowingo: