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A high degree of uncertainty (no-shows, walk-ins, emergencies, highly variable treatment durations etc.) leads to a high degree of costs, required manpower and complexity in scheduling (in healthcare). E.g.: • 15.000 € / month due to no-shows in Viennese health centre • 150 billion US$ / year due to no-shows & unused capacity in the US Furthermore scheduling problems are very complex. Even experienced administrative staff can hardly make optimal scheduling decisions. Therefore overbooking and scheduling decisions are often based on "gut feeling" and intrinsic knowledge. This leads to inefficient policies. Naboto's AI-enabled software is able to predict no-shows of individual patients and individual treatment durations and therefore enables optimal overbooking and scheduling strategies. Due to the self-learning properties of the software effects like seasonal fluctuations, walk-ins etc. are considered as well. Doctors can easily and intuitively customize/configure the software to fit their individual needs and preferences. Furthermore waiting time of individual patients is forecasted and reduced. Conventional (online) scheduling tools primarily offers an additional channel for booking appointments while the actual scheduling is still done manually (time & date, duration, overlap, overbooking...). Naboto's software is able to optimize and automate this process. So doctors can fully concentrate on treating patients, while Naboto is doing all the work in the background.