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Unleashing the power of LiDAR by YaDo-VR object Detection and Classification driven by machine learning LiDAR has been around for a long time, yet since the last few years the value of LiDAR is surfacing more and more, amongst others in any smart city, smart asset management, autonomous driving scenario, crowd mapping, precise farming, disaster management and many other applications. YADO-VR ( ) has a patent pending detection and classification technology with over 20 years of geometry and LiDAR research in enriched libraries and is a proprietary add-on software platform. The company has spend time and effort on developing and deploying machine learning algorithms for automated detection and intelligent classification of objects based on LiDAR. LiDAR mapping and detection is turned into an established system of generating detailed geo-referenced spatial information about the earth, it’s environment and its characteristics. In addition, the platform enables automatic 3D modelling capability resulting in compressed 3D imaging for fast data exchange. YADO-VR recently entered into a Strategic Partnership with a large German Telecom company integrating the YADO-VR platform into EDGE (5G telecom infrastructure). EDGE completes the YADO-VR proposition by providing DYNAMIC and NEAR REAL TIME processing of LiDAR point clouds to a wide variety of market segments and customers because of the ability to process large amounts of data with low latency. In order to fully leverage the technological possibilities in the market and bring our services, driven by the AI driven technology to a global audience, YADO-VR is looking for a strategic and/or investment partners, to jointly develop the market and bring the technology to a larger audience. Over the years, advancements in LiDAR mapping system and its enabling technologies penetrated different verticals like aerospace & defence, corridor mapping & topographical survey, automotive and autonomous driving, mining, oil & gas and others, which is increasing the market scope of the LiDAR technology market. LiDAR technology enables fast, accurate, precise and flexible scanning of existing environments and the moving objects taking part in it. YADO-VR is a platform which enables rapid processing of LiDAR data into professional classified 3D imagery for a wide range of applications such as Environment Impact Simulations, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, True 3D, Gaming, Computer Vision.