Take these steps to get most out of the 3 days in Cascais.

Joining the Global Meetup as a delegate? We want to ensure that you get most out of the 3 days in Cascais. Make sure you’ve registered your personal profile on Gribbio in order to start making connections with the participating startups and enroll for the sessions during the Global Meetup. Read here about how you can make the most out of Gribbio as your go-to-platform during the Global Meetup.


Your portal

Looking for that particular URL again thats going to your personal portal? Look no further!

After arrival in Cascais get your entrance pass for the Global Meetup. A complete registration is necessary for accessing the event.

Locations at the global meetup

Looking for an adres. We have listed them all on one handy page.

Got a ticket?

Make sure you register on Gribbio

During this registration on our in-house portal Gribbio you’ll be asked for a Token as verification of your ticket purchase. You have received this token via email after purchasing the ticket. Questions? Mail to: tom@gitr.co

complete registration
Which startups will be there?

Check out all the startups profiles

The Global Meetup is all about creating connections between you and the startups. These heroes will come to Cascais from all over the world. We’re adding new startups almost every day, keep an eye on the page to see who you might want to meet.

Check the startups
Guarantee your spot for each session

Create your personal agenda

We’ve published the full schedule of the Global Meetup. Enroll for the sessions, drinks and dinners that you would like to join. This way you can have a prepared overview of you agenda and we can tailor-make our sessions based on who’s attending.

Enroll for sessions
Because we don’t want to leave everything to serendipity

Start Connecting

The Global Meetup is an invite-only event for 500 guests. Our aim is to provide relevant connections between all our guests. Because we know that talking to all 500 guests is hard in 3 days, we have created an online tool to make efficient connections. Prior to- and during the Global Meetup you will be able to receive and make connection requests with the startups. Connection requests will be available on Tuesday 29th of May.

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1st of June

Joining for our Matchups session?

On Friday June 1 we will fill over 40 tables with planned speeddates between startups and our delegates. We call them Matchups. Prior to the event the startups will have the opportunity to requests these Matchups with individual delegates. On Tuesday May 29 your personal schedule with your Matchups will appear in your Portal. If you applied for the Matchup sessions on the 1st of June via your registration then take these dates into account:

  • May 11: Deadline to participate in the matchups

  • May 14 - 18: Startups start requesting Matchup

  • May 21 - 23: Accept or decline all Matchup requests by the startups in your Portal

  • May 28: Check out your personal schedule in your Portal

  • June 1: Matchup day!

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