How does it work


Pick a date on the competition calendar

The global startup competition takes places between October 2019 and May 2020. You can pick a date on the calendar when you want to organize your selection event and where.


Fill out the license application form

Awesome that you want to organize an event that is part of the Get in the Ring Global Startup Competition. We need a bit of information from you to get this collaboration started. Based on this information, we will create the license agreement for you, and onboard you as soon as the agreement is signed.

Questions while filling out this form? Don't hestitate to contact us at


Organize selection event with support of global team

For the organization of your event you will receive access to the brand materials, event format and supporting team members that will advise to make the perfect setup.


Select the most promising companies in your region

Via the selection event you get to select up to 3 winners that will continue to the global final, where they compete against winners from over 100 countries.

Why you should join

The Global Startup Competition is not only the coolest startup battle out there, but also provides startups in your network a great podium to improve their pitch and go global.

License application form