About the Global Meetup

At the Global Meetup we leverage the power of our worldwide network, to scale selected promising innovations from 1M to 100M in valuation. Because together we can solve 21st century challenges.


The Global Meetup is an annual event, hosted in a different city each year. During this three-day retreat we bring together innovators, policy-makers, partners and investors for deal making sessions, in-depth discussions and partnership creation. The Global Meetup typically ends with our grand finals of the Global Startup Competition, with the winners of our local selection rounds coming to the event to participate in the finals.


This year, the Global Meetup is hosted in Montréal, CA.

Request for Proposal

For the Global Meetup 2022 and 2023 editions we are now opening the Request for Proposal period. Organizers seriously interested in hosting the Global Meetup in their city are requested to fill out the application form below.


The host city for Global Meetup 2022 will be decided upon in Spring 2021.

Application Procedure

Phase – 1

Organizers interested in hosting the Global Meetup are asked to fill out the form below to receive our RFP document after evaluation.

Phase – 2

Serious candidates are invited to communicate their bid book for hosting the Global Meetup in their city with us.

Phase – 3

Top candidates will be invited to join the Global Meetup 2020. Part of the selection procedure is a planned city visit.

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