“To sit down for whole day, meeting people face to face, the opportunity to build a relationship.. It’s so powerful to sit around the table with people with whom I could directly start discussing my business model, go to market strategy and how we could collaborate – really powerful.”

Kevin Harris - CEO CureMetrix

We know life ain't easy as a startup

We are entrepreneurs ourselves and know what it takes to build a company. We therefore also know how much a simple connection or piece of advice can mean for the future of your company. With our activities we aim to bring you exactly this. All of our activities are setup from the perspective of you: the startup.

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  • Network with like-minded startups and discuss solutions together

  • Meet potential customers, investors and development partners

  • Expand your business into new countries

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Participate in training and networking activities to gain exposure and invaluable feedback

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Work with our corporate, government, and NGO partners to provide solutions to challenges worldwide

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Get in the ring to show the world why you are better than thousands of others startups

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Receive feedback on your fundraising strategy and be better prepared for the next investment pitch

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Need help to scale to another country? Looking for contacts in a specific sector? We are always happy to see how we can help.

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