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Pilot contract, meeting KPN Ventures & coaching Deadline passed

KPN and Get in the Ring are challenging startups with solutions focused on Smart Data Discovery. Work together with KPN to implement new solutions and help improve how KPN uses Business Intelligence (BI) reports.


KPN is the largest telecom and IT service provider in the Netherlands. As they explain it: “Our network is Dutch to the core. We have a clear mission – to help the Netherlands move forward through that network. KPN truly believes in technology and in the power of communication. We are KPN. We are the network that enables the Netherlands to move forward – the network that cares for the Netherlands.”


KPN processes huge amounts of data and has Business and Customer information available in many forms, like (Sales) reports, performance dashboards, etc. These reports and dashboards are part of the Business Intelligence (BI) environment and help the company to look back on past performance. Every single day decisions are made using this information that directly and indirectly impact the way KPN interacts with its customers. As you can imagine with so many reports and dashboards available, there is still a lot of human involvement required to derive actionable insights from all this information to act upon.

The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges


KPN is looking for intelligent solutions that help them automatically distil the huge amounts of information, detect interesting events and translate these into actionable advice to act upon, without knowing upfront what exactly to look for. We are looking for startups with innovative solutions in the following areas:

Smart Data Discovery

Automatically find and visualize relevant findings in huge amounts of data (such as correlations, exceptions, clusters, links and predictions)

Next Best Action for decision makers

Machine Learning solutions that not only detect deviations in the data, but also provide advice for employees to act upon


Winner will receive:

  • Pilot contract with KPN to implement your solution(s) as a Proof of Concept;

  • An introductory meeting with KPN Ventures;

  • Exclusive coaching by KPN New Business team


Your solution should be:

  • Beyond the idea phase, at least a working prototype;

  • Realizable as a usable product or service in the next year;

  • You should be able to pitch through video conferencing or face-to- face on the proposed date.


January 17th

Deadline applications

February 15th

Challenge event

6 finalists will be selected and invited for the finals on February 15th in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The winner will be announced during the final pitch event!


Falkonry created an artificial intelligence technology for the discovery and recognition of operating conditions from operational time series data. Falkonry Service is integrated with operations management solutions to improve the efficiency, quality, and reliability of industrial operations.

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Deadline passed

The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges