Global Startup Competition

What is the Global Startup Competition?

The Global Startup Competition invites innovators from around the world to pitch their solutions to gain global exposure and access deals.

It is one of the activities from Get in the Ring, the startup platform of Unknown Group. Founded in 2012. Unknown Group is a global innovation agency specializing in innovation scouting for corporates and governments. The group’s mission is to unlock the potential of those that will shape the world of tomorrow offering valuable opportunities and expanding their network.

What can I win form participating?

Global winners

Credibility as the Global Winner of Get in the Ring, joining startups like EyeVerify (sold for $100M to Alipay), DOT and Convious.

Exposure after the Global Meetup through our network of media partners

1-year business development support and covering expenses to meet top investors and potential customers.


Selection round winners

Sponsored ticket and flight to the 3-day Global Meetup of Get in the Ring.

Access to our global network of partners and investors

Become part of our exclusive network of heroes: founders that joined the Global Startup Competition throughout the years

Optional prizes offered by local partners (ecosystem awards)


Nominees of selection rounds

Credibility as part of the top startups in your city

Exposure on the Get in the Ring platform through the public voting

How can I apply

You can apply via the competition page

Can I apply if I applied before?

Yes, past startup participants are open to join a selection round again.

How does the selection process work?

During every selection round, startups are reviewed by expert mentors and investors. The most promising startups win the chance to battle in the global final, at our Global Meetup 2021.

What happens to the businesses that don't win?

By joining one of our selection rounds, you automatically become part of the Get in the Ring community. Sign up to our newsletter and you will be the first to know about all of our live opportunities.


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When will the selection rounds be held?

‘The Global Startup Pitching Competition is currently open and closes on December 31st 2020.’

What is the Global Meetup?

The Global Meetup brings together all of our startup winners from around the world. During a 3-day event, we provide matchmaking sessions, pitch training and networking opportunities to nominate the finalists. These finalists will battle for the Global Winner title during a spectacular show.

Why do startups pitch in a ring?

Our pitching format ignites excitement and competition, forcing startups to be the best they can be.

Who judges the pitches?

Every year we invite an expert panel of business champions to review startup solutions and pick a winner.

I want to be a partner, what do I do?

If you would like to join the Global Meetup as a partner, get in touch with our team:

How do the different weight classes work

Startup participants are classified into different weight categories:

Lightweight (<$500k), Middleweight ($500K – $2.5m) and Heavyweight ($2.5m>).