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Challenging times call for unconventional solutions

Get in the Ring is a global startup competition active in over 200 cities. We give opportunities to unconventional solutions in all corners of the world, to prove their solutions and solve 21st century challenges. Working alongside industry leading partners, we support the scale and impact that startups make across the globe.

We use the Sustainable Development Goals as a guide to transforming our world using unconventional solutions.

Zero Hunger
Good Health & Well-being
Clean Water & Sanitation
Affordable & Clean Energy
Decent work & Economic Growth
Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
Sustainable Cities & Communities
Responsible Consumption & Production
Climate Action
Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Companies we work with:

Eye verification startup ZOLOZ (formerly EyeVerify) won the Get in the Ring competition in 2013, got global exposure and was acquired for $100M by Ant Financial two years later.

Provide the solution for our partners' challenges

Solve the challenges of our corporate partners for a chance to prove your solution and access the network you need to scale.

The most global startup competition

Our global startup competition is active in all corners of the world and is your chance to connect with our community of partners. Join the competition and prove to us that you have a promising solution and should be connected to the people who have the power to help you scale. Together we can solve the grand challenges we all face in cities around the world.

Capital that makes you scale

If you’re a startup looking for growth capital, we can connect you to investors or assess your eligibility to access our own fund.

Convious were crowned the champions of our 2018 competition

“After winning the competition, our term sheet was raised to 3.6M in funding. Thanks Get in the Ring for that!”

Kevin Westermeijer - CEO & Co-founder Convious

"By winning the Get in the Ring competition LifeSense Group has transformed the largest women’s health secret, into the largest spoken solution.”

Julia van Zanten, LifeSense Group: solving urinary incontinence for women through wearable technology

Coming to a city near you

Do you have an unconventional solution we need to know about? Join us at one of our selection rounds in your city.

Our global community of organizers:


Get in the Ring
Get in the RingMonday, May 11th, 2020 at 3:42pm
Once again, Get in the Ring, together with Shell, YES!Delft, and Rockstart are looking for the most innovative solutions in Europe and Israel to facilitate the transition towards clean energy.

Are you a startup or scaleup passionate about energy, hydrogen, future fuels or sustainable chemicals?

Then work with Shell on a PoC and unlock your full potential. With expert mentors, validation sessions, network access, and funding possibilities, we give you the tools you need to scale your solution.

Then sign up here: https://getinthering.co/nec2020
Get in the Ring
Get in the Ring
Get in the RingMonday, March 30th, 2020 at 8:35am
In times of uncertainty, we all need to innovate in order to meet our community needs. For us, that meant taking our competition online - because the need for unconventional solutions has never been stronger than it is today. Read more about our learnings: https://getinthering.co/how-to-innovate-during-challenging-times/
Get in the Ring
Get in the RingTuesday, March 3rd, 2020 at 1:34pm
BREAKING: Today, alongside Impact City - The Hague Innovators we launched the Get in the Ring Impact Competition. This is the first competition in Europe dedicated to scaling impact ventures, taking doing good & doing business to a new level. 🥊🙌

We'll be travelling throughout Europe, stopping off in The Hague, Geneva, Oslo, Berlin, Copenhagen and Lisbon.
Startups who join will be given the opportunity to access investment, find business partners and achieve global exposure.

The most promising solutions will enter the finals held at the biggest impact meetup in Europe: ImpactFest.

Are you ready to make an impact? Then join us!

Get in the Ring
Get in the RingThursday, February 20th, 2020 at 12:53pm
Our 2020 global meetup host has been revealed!
This year startups from all corners of the globe will come together in Montreal.🇨🇦🌍
This culturally rich and diverse city will become an entrepreneurial melting pot as innovators Get in the Ring to prove their solutions and solve global challenges.

Will you join us? 🥊
RJCCQ - Regroupement des jeunes chambres de commerce du Québec

Get in the Ring
Get in the RingThursday, January 16th, 2020 at 7:13pm

Interested in executing a pilot worth up to €25.000 with the Dutch government? Develop and test your social and technological solutions with Startup in Residence InterGov.

Apply now for the Startup in Residence InterGov challenges.
Get in the Ring
Get in the RingWednesday, January 8th, 2020 at 10:09am
Glad to have had such a successful Day 1 of the Sustainable Industry Challenge. The day was filled with networking and collaboration discussions between corporates and scaleups.

Excited to see the event conclude today at the Groningen Seaports, where we will announce the 5 pilot winners of the corporate challenges and the winner of the 100K to implement the solution into the Northern Netherlands.
Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020 at 1:11pm
Ever thought of establishing your startup in Korea? Why, you ask? Well because it is the GatewayToAsia's billions of prospective customers! Now with the K-StartupGrandChallenge moving in Korea is simple.
Interested? Send a tweet and we will send you the brochure
@StartupInKorea https://t.co/FTLdqtR9bS