Create the future of integrated workforce management with Nationale-Nederlanden

Pilot contract, Investment, Expert coaching, Access to network Deadline passed

Get in the Ring, VenturesPlus and Nationale Nederlanden are looking for scalable solutions to recruit and retain the right workforce, and to keep their employees productive and vital; the future of modern workforce management. We are interested in solution tackling three key areas: recruit, develop and retain.


With its 170 years of experience, Nationale Nederlanden is one of the biggest and most prominent providers of financial services in the Netherlands. Nationale-Nederlanden offers a complete range of products including insurance, pensions, bank savings, mortgages, investments and loans. The combination of expert and committed employees, good products and services and the right balance between price and quality enables us to find the best solution for you, our customers.


Generation trends, market changes, social economic factors, software and technology developments, are changing the way we work. Offering employees a workplace where they can develop themselves, feel in balance with their work life, care about their health and career ambitions come hand in hand with our company value, care.

The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges


We are looking for startups and scaleups that offer proven products and services within the workforce management sector and want to collaborate with Nationale-Nederlanden, and tap into their customer pool.  The goal is to deliver higher value to medium sized businesses and help them transform and adapt the recruitment, retention and development practices of workforce management. We are looking for solutions within the following topics:


Solutions that enable employers to attract the right people, with the right (usually scarce) competencies. This can include external branding, and advanced tools for quality matchmaking.

Data insights into behavior

Solutions that measure current employee behaviour and provide insights (on competencies, health, motivation, interest etc), recommendations and actions for improvement or retainment.

Activation and engagement

Solutions that keep employees motivated, engaged and happy, especially in the current fast-paced labour market, to decrease the turnover rate.

Personal development

Solutions that analyse employees current skills and competencies anow and in the future, and provide suggested action (for example to retrain). Also solutions that and increase adaptability of employees and offer training options and continuous learning tools.

Healthy work environment

Solutions that enable employees to create a healthy work-life balance, and provide insights into health patterns on-the-job. This could also include hardware solutions to provide workers with the practical tools to work safer and more productive.

What's in it for you

  • Pilot contract with Nationale-Nederlanden.

  • Investment opportunity by Nationale-Nederlanden.

  • Coaching of labour market experts.

  • Access to network of Nationale-Nederlanden.

Additional criteria

Your solution should

  • Have a market ready prototype and further.

  • Be able to launch a finished product/service with Nationale-Nederlanden in 12 months.

  • Be able to adapt your solution to the Dutch labour market legislation.




The deadline for applications is November 17th.


Announcement for selected startups is in the week of November 30th.


Selected startups will be invited for a dealmaking day at Nationale-Nederlanden on December 7th.


Pilots projects will start from January onwards,
Deadline passed

The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges