Build a deeptech venture with HightechXL

Equity in venture, expert coaching, access to network Deadline passed Target: For Founders
In this case the challenge owner is looking for entrepreneurs and tech talents

Get in the Ring is partnering with HightechXL, HightechXL is a venture builder accelerator that builds teams of entrepreneurs and tech talents around the most advanced technology in the world. HightechXL has sourced top notch technologies and IP from organizations like: European Space Agency, CERN, TNO and Philips.


HightechXL’s venture-building approach is the fastest way to build strong teams with everything they need to get deep-tech to market. HightechXL starts with sourcing and evaluating next-gen technologies from different research organisations. After identifying the technologies and IP with the most potential, a team will be shaped around it carefully and strategically to successfully build the venture.


Get in the Ring is looking for entrepreneurs and tech talents that build a venture based on these technologies.




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The team is the strongest asset a business can have, we are looking for founders that are interested in developing a deep-tech venture and build a business model around the sourced technologies/IP.

Step 1

Tech Sourcing

HightechXL sources and identifies the highest potential technologies from research organizations such as European Space Agency, CERN, TNO and Philips.

Step 2

Core team scouting

Get in the Ring is looking for the right entrepreneurial people that can bring these technologies to the market.

Step 3


A gathering of entrepreneurs, industry experts and mentors in a 1-day idea generation session to create business cases of where can the technology bring most value.

Step 4

Venture building

Selected teams formed at the Fastrackathon will enter a 9-month program to validate and build the business proposition with the support of HighTechXL.


  • 9-months Venture building program

  • Office space

  • Access to HighTechXL's network of investors, corporates and industry mentors & advisors.

  • Initial funding of €30,000

  • 60% Equity reservation for founders


  • Must be willing to set up headquarters of new venture in Eindhoven.

  • Technology savvy and able to learn from specialists like Philips, ASML and TNO

Example of founders building ventures around the technology

Imagin Motion
Based on photonic gyroscope technology from the European Space Agency, Imagin Motion develops photonic sensor to stabilize images in a MRI scanner. The team is already working with Philips to advance the technology.

Built around nano materials, with the first product a foil developed by engineer Kevin Lagarde. That catalyst can neutralize contaminants in the atmosphere, in this case nitrogen oxide, or NOx.

A revolutionary new printing technology that uses a narrow-focus structured laser for specialized printing such as expiration dates on consumer products, it is faster and cheaper than inkjet printing and generates no waste.



Video of infosession

Infosession gives more info about HightechXL's program
18 August

Q&A session

Q&A session with HightechXL

Interviews by HightechXL

Meet HightechXL team and potential founders
16 September


Idea generation gathering of founders, mentors and industry experts for the sourced technologies.

Start program

Start program to build venture around the technology/IP
Deadline passed

The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges