Hydrates Challenge

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In the Oil&Gas field, hydrates are one of the most dangerous threats affecting production or injection wells, either onshore or offshore. Thankfully lots of companies are busy with the prevention of hydrates, and this type of pipe blockage is rare. However, when hydrate plugs do occur, they have a massive impact, leading to, among other dangers, an environmental issue.



Hence, we are seeking companies worldwide that are developing solutions either digital or non-digital that can help prevent hydrate occurrence or quickly detect the location and rapidly intervene for their solving.

The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges


Prevent Hydrate Formation

Looking for cost-effective technologies that prevent hydrate formation, alternative to the chemical approach, suitable across a variety of Oil&Gas scenarios, and optimized to the implementation as a retrofit on existing flowlines.

Detect Hydrate Plug

Reliable technologies able to localize a hydrate plug (to be also intended as a restriction) into the flowline, where a multiphase fluid is flowing. Potentially this technology can or not operate on a continuous base and should not interfere with the data acquisition system and eventually be applied from a convenient site (ie. land point for offshore pipelines).

Neutralize Hydrate

Looking for solutions and equipment for heating a piece of pipeline (meters level), containing a hydrate plug with the aim to solve it and preferably prevent it from occurring again.

What's in it for you
  • Access to a worldwide network and to deep expertise and knowledge of the industry

  • Testing opportunities

  • Collaboration with leaders of the industry

  • Potential for procurement relationship

Preferred Requirements
  • Prevent the occurrence of hydrate plugs preferably without resorting to chemical injection

  • Preferably identify precise hydrate(s) position inside the flowline/tubing. And if so, validate & demonstrate it

  • The solution shall be considerate of economic terms, ease of usage and flexibility


April 4th, 2022


May 1st, 2022

Application Deadline

End of May

Selection Event

Deadline passed

The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges