Build your biotechnology business with Biotech Campus Delft

Access to R&D and lab facilities, validation lab, access to launching customers, expert coaching of Yes!Delft & DSM Deadline passed

Get in the Ring, YES!Delft, Biotech Campus Delft, and its main stakeholder Royal DSM, are looking for innovative startups, solutions or ideas within the biotechnology sector that are working on creating the future of a circular bio-based economy. This means, startups that are enabling the world to move away from non-renewable fossil sources, diminish greenhouse gas emissions and address future challenges related to food, health & energy.


Over the past century, the use of biotechnology expanded from food production to agriculture, pharma and production of bio-chemicals. Nowadays, this technology offers promising solutions to issues faced with regard to innovation and sustainability. This is why Biotech Campus Delft, its main stakeholder Royal DSM, and YES!Delft are joining forces.


YES!Delft is a leading high-tech incubator awarded as  #2 in the world of incubators affiliated with universities. With 13+ years of experience they help entrepreneurs with access to mentors, experts, investors and more than 30 corporate partners who share their know-how, network and experience.


Biotech Campus Delft is developed by founding father Royal DSM to accelerate biotech innovations. Its open innovation campus offers a biotech ecosystem in which cooperation and knowledge transfer between companies and knowledge institutes is encouraged. Located on DSM’s site in Delft, over 1200 people work on developing, scaling up and commercializing bio-based innovations. Besides DSM and BPF, Biotech Campus Delft also houses startups, SME’s and established companies.


Royal DSM is a purpose-led global science-based company in Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Living. DSM is driving economic prosperity, environmental progress and social advances to create sustainable value for all stakeholders. DSM delivers innovative business solutions for human nutrition, animal nutrition, personal care and aroma, medical devices, green products and applications, and new mobility and connectivity. DSM and its associated companies deliver annual net sales of about €10 billion with approximately 23,000 employees.

The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges

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Operating a startup in the biotechnology field can represent a challenge due to the capital investments, scale up hurdles and long development times related to it. The Biotech Campus Delft, its main stakeholder Royal DSM and YES!Delft understand these challenges and are determined to support the startups in this field to define a clear strategy to success. Are you ready to realize your potential? We are looking for biotechnology solutions in the following areas:



Bio-based molecules



  • Physical access to biotech campus facilities in Delft

  • Access to Royal DSM Network including biotech experts and professionals

  • Support in creating a clear value proposition for your market

  • Access to customers to validate your proposition

  • Potential to land DSM as a launching customer/investment partner

  • Coaching and mentoring on pitching and value proposition

Selection of top mentors and partners


  • Early phase start-ups in industrial biotech, with application in food, fuel, bio-based molecules, and bio-materials

  • Your business idea should address a sizable market and be accompanied by an initial strategy for penetration

  • Your technology needs to be scalable and have the potential to disrupt the market.

  • A committed team of at least 2 founders




The deadline for applications is April 5th.


Selected startups will be invited for skype calls with DSM and YES!Delft.


The program takes place from May 15th til July 31st in Delft, The Netherlands.
Deadline passed

The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges