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Pilot contract and expert coaching Deadline passed

Together with Get in the Ring, KPN is looking to make its finance department future-proof. We’re looking for innovative startup and scaleup solutions on 2 different topics within finance, of which the most promising solution(s) will get the opportunity to test these in a pilot project.


KPN is the largest telecom and IT service provider in the Netherlands. As they explain it: “Our network is Dutch to the core. We have a clear mission – to help the Netherlands move forward through that network. KPN truly believes in technology and in the power of communication. We are KPN. We are the network that enables the Netherlands to move forward – the network that cares for the Netherlands.”


To stay ahead of the competition, KPN noticed that innovation is essential. After a successful Challenge with the Business Intelligence division, it’s the Finance division’s turn. Innovation in processes but also innovation in people. With this challenge KPN wants to achieve 2 things. To activate their employees, preventing useless or double projects by sharing knowledge & activities. And to use big data and statistics to improve their financial forecasting

The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges


KPN aims to improve its finance strategy and is looking for startups with innovative solutions in the following areas:


Financial forecasting

Solutions that enable forecasting based on big data and statistical analysis/models + AI. Are you able to execute this forecasting based on models and with limited input from the finance department?

Gamification of knowledge sharing

Solutions aimed at gathering all internal knowledge on processes, running projects, and other structures, and aggregating this knowledge. Does your solution enable lower costs, new insights and better decision through a more efficient sharing of knowledge? Can you use gamification to activate the employees and increase activity and synergy through fun?


  • Meet KPN executives in one on one meetings during the KPN Finance day

  • Pitch in front of the 600 KPN executives including the CEO & CFO

  • Start a pilot contract with KPN Finance


You should

  • have a working prototype or demonstrator

  • be able to launch a finished product within the next 6 months




KPN will select the most promising solutions they wish to work with


If you get selected, you will be invited to the KPN Finance day in Rotterdam. During this day you will meet the KPN Executives and talk business. The best project will be selected for a pilot project.
Deadline passed

The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges