Collaborate with Hexagon to Accelerate Sustainable and Smart Manufacturing Solutions for an Autonomous Future

Scaling Startups, Access to Global Distribution Network, Technology, Customers, Services, and Expert Coaching by Hexagon Deadline passed

Together with Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division, Get In The Ring is looking for scaling startups to join the Sixth Sense open innovation platform to create a more smart and sustainable autonomous future. The Sixth Sense program offers companies with different levels of maturity collaboration possibilities, expert support through coaching, access to technology tools and access to the global Hexagon network of partners and customers.


Join the Sixth Sense open innovation platform and scale your business globally
Companies participating in this challenge will get the opportunity to scale their manufacturing solution together with Hexagon by getting access to:

    • Hexagon’s technology services, tools, data, hardware, and worldwide labs & office
    • Industry expert coaching and marketing support
    • Demo your technology at Hexagon offices, events and projects
    • Hexagon’s customer and partner network, and ultimately win a global distribution partnership


Who can apply?
The Sixth Sense platform is open for scaling startups with solutions that improve manufacturing processes in the domains of Predictive Operations, Defect Detection, Autonomous Operations, and Smart Design Tools. They are calling for ambitious innovators globally and encourage ventures with focus on sustainability and inclusivity to join the challenge! Read more about the specific technologies and solution directions of interest below.


Why Hexagon?
Hexagon is powering the dynamic companies that move the world. Their technologies are used to manufacture 90% of aircraft, 75% of smart phones and 95% of every automobile produced worldwide. Startups joining the sixth sense program will have the chance to advance their tech and products to global commercialization, and lead the way for open innovation in smart manufacturing, solving complex problems for the industry.


Hexagon is on a mission to deliver an autonomous future that benefits people everywhere. The Sixth Sense platform is inviting the next generation of innovators to the table. They want to share their resources and make connections that accelerate progress – pushing the boundaries of design, manufacturing and engineering and start to imagine a better sustainable future for the benefits of everyone.





The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges

The Challenge

Hexagon is looking for ambitious scaling startups that are building smart and sustainable products or services for an autonomous future in manufacturing.

With their newly launched Open Innovation Platform Sixth Sense, Hexagon is seeking innovative solutions to improve manufacturing processes in the domains of Predictive Operations, Defect Detection, Autonomous Operations, and Smart Design Tools. 


Predictive Operations

Solutions that allow automated detection and prediction of faulty machinery, including leakage, breakage, and tools that analyse production and process data to suggest improved operations.

Technologies include AI, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, and IoT integration with Smart Sensors.

Smart Design Tools

Innovative designs of new products through 3D modelling and automation, identifying design flaws before production, and process design tools.

Technologies such as AI-assisted Design, Intelligent CAD software, and 3D Visualization Platforms.

Robotics & Autonomous Operations

Innovations that automates product quality inspections, autonomous robots in assembly lines and other collaborative workforce systems.

Technologies includes AI or Machine Learning software for Cobots, Assembly Line Robotics, Inspection Robots and robot learning programming.

Defect Detection

Solutions that allow automated detection of manufacturing flaws and monitor assembly lines, operation and workflow visualization, corrective 3D printing and root cause analysis.

Examples of technologies include Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Smart Sensors.

What's in it for you


  • Scaling programme supported by coaching, and industrial use case references

  • Access to large customer base and global distribution channels

  • Marketing support and exposure in Hexagon's publications

  • Demo your solution at Hexagon offices, labs or events

  • Access to Hexagon's services, tools and data

  • Connect with industry experts and VC in manufacturing ecosystem

Additional Criteria

  • Active in Manufacturing Sector

  • Ownership of Intellectual Property & Licenses

  • Proven Traction & Product-Market Fit

  • Post seed, Series A, Series A+

  • $1m or Less in Revenue

  • 1-5 Years in Existence

  • Focus on sustainability and inclusivity


March 1st

Deadline to Apply

The deadline for applications is the 27th of February, at midnight (UTC+1).
March 16th

Pitch Day

Top 20 finalists will be invited to pitch in front of a panel of experts from Hexagon who will select the top startups to join the Sixth Sense program.


Grand demo day event with the selected Sixth Sense were the winners of the global distribution partner will be announced.
Deadline passed

The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges