Improve emergency response services with the Emergency Control Center of The Hague

Pilot contract, access to network, validation program Deadline passed

Get in the Ring, YES!Delft, and The GMK The Hague (Joint Emergency Control Center) are looking for startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses that can improve the communication flow and logistics of the emergency response services. The GMK faces millions of emergency calls every year, decisions need to be made, and every second counts. New data technologies can improve their services to help people faster, and better.


The GMK is a cooperation between the emergency control rooms of the police, the fire and ambulance services for the areas Haaglanden and Hollands-Midden since March 2014, in total covering 1.75 million people. The emergency control center responds to emergency requests from citizens 24 hours per day, 7 hours per week and sends emergency responders to the location of the emergency. The center manages the reception, registering, assessment and handling of emergency calls, and the guiding/assistance and coordination of the emergency services. The crew of the GMK consists of specially trained operators who work in shifts.


Modern emergency control centers are equipped with advanced and costly technology. Using specialised computer systems, the operator can quickly access large amounts of detailed information, such as the positions and availability of vehicles, information about closed-off roads, traffic jams and the weather, and details of the caller, such as the location for example. The communication network C2000 ensures that the emergency control center is always in direct contact with the emergency responders at the scene.


The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges


At our emergency control center it is all about information. Getting the right information, assessing and analysing it, and then relaying it to the right people. And all of that must happen as fast as possible and without interruption: it never stops. Of course information technology already plays an important role in that today. We are looking for smarter, simpler or faster ways to process calls, and other forms of communication, quickly and reliable in order to help people in emergency situations.

Processing of data using AI

Tools to analyze phone calls, social media, physical clues provided by camera’s and other big data sources. For example Machine learning, Natural language processing, RPA, real-time speech monitoring, conversational intelligence and more.

Use of Drones/Autonomous vehicles and Iot

Hardware and IOT solutions to extract surrounding information before emergency officers are at the scene.

On the go emergency support

Tools to support emergency response officers when not in the emergency room (contingency plans in case of an emergency at the emergency room). For example cyber security tools, cloud software services, or on the go analysis tools.

What's in it for you

  • Pilot contract with the GMK The Hague.

  • Access to network of the GMK, and potential to scale throughout the Netherlands.

  • Validation program at YES!Delft, one of Europe’s leading tech incubators.

Additional criteria

You should

  • Have a working prototype or demonstrator

  • Have a solution that is innovative and still relevant in context in five years or so

  • Available to participate in a 12-week parttime program starting February 2019

  • Willing to undergo a screening from the GMK

  • Have at least one team member that speaks Dutch




The deadline for applications is October 15th.


Nominated startups will be invited for an introduction day at the GMK on October 31st, to get more context of the business and refine their pitch and proposal.


The nominated startups will enter into selection calls with YES!Delft and the the GMK in November.


Selected startups will be invited to the final event at YES!Delft on December 6th. At least two startups will be awarded a pilot contract with the GMK and enter into a validation lab within YES!Delft to kickstart the pilot.
Deadline passed

The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges