Improve energy savings in public buildings with Strukton

Pilot contract, access to the Rotterdam Unlocked network and customers Deadline passed

Get in the Ring, Strukton and Hellebrekers Technieken are looking for innovative solutions to save more energy in public buildings that are maintained under an energy performance & maintenance contract (EPC). The goal of these contracts is to make buildings more modern, energy-efficient and more comfortable.


Strukton as a company aims to contribute to a sector that guarantees the quality and safety of rail transport, road infrastructure and technical systems and buildings. Clients are mainly located in Europe, and in selected countries worldwide. Strukton has 6,500 employees and an annual revenue of €1,9 billion. For this challenge the focus is on Strukton Worksphere, the design, realisation, maintenance, development and operating of technical systems and buildings in the Netherlands.


Hellebrekers Technieken provides technical services in the field of process installations and in-building installations. They use innovative concepts and integrated solutions to serve clients in the industry, sport & recreation, and utility sectors. Hellebrekers Technieken has a staff of around 180 with The Netherlands as its home market, but also serves other European countries. In the above mentioned EPCs, Hellebrekers works together with Strukton.


The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges


Strukton and Hellebrekers together have received a maintenance and energy performance contract from the Municipality of Rotterdam for the management and maintenance of 7 swimming pools across Rotterdam., Next to this, Strukton on its own does the maintenance for a municipal office building located at Kleinpolderplein in Rotterdam, with a total floor area of approximately 36,740 m2. This is organized in a so-called Energy Service Company (ESCo) per project. The ESCo designs and realizes the energy-saving measures, takes care of their financing and guarantees the energy saving. Furthermore, the optimization of user comfort and performance is monitored. In this challenge Strukton and Hellebrekers are looking for energy-saving solutions in the following areas:

  • Heating and air cooling systems

  • Water heating systems

  • Smart maintenance of pipe systems

  • Energy absorbing roofing and/or window technologies

  • Insulation technology

  • Lighting technology

  • Blinds technology

  • (Big) Data solutions focussed on efficiency

  • Sensor technology

  • Building management systems

  • Efficient cleaning or cleaning prevention systems

  • More...surprise us


  • Pilot contract to test your solution in the Rotterdam region

  • Access to Rotterdam Unlocked; additional meetings with one or more of 60+ corporates from the Netherlands


  • Have a working prototype or product ready for production;

  • Be able to launch a finished product within the next 6 months;

  • Keep in mind that all solutions should be retrofitted in existing buildings;

  • Keep in mind that during working hours, and in the evening for the swimming pools, these locations will be operational;

  • Any investment in energy-saving measures should have an earn-back period of a maximum of 6 years. The less the better;

  • Take into account the Dutch regulations and guidelines for the implementation of your solution when it comes down to safety, material norms, side-effects, etc.

  • Be able to prove the energy-saving metrics, or be able to guarantee (with a certain bandwidth) the outcome in a potential future deal.




The deadline for applications is January 12th.


End of January we announce the selected startups


Selected startups will be invited for one-on-one business meetings during the event from 18th till 20th of February in Rotterdam, Netherlands.


The most relevant startup(s) will enter into the pilot phase from end of February onwards.
Deadline passed

The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges