LG Chem Global Innovation Challenge

Funding, Scaling Startups, Access to Global Network, Technology, POCs Deadline passed

LG Chem is a global leading diversified chemical company and Sustainability is one of LG Chem’s core values. We believe that building a Sustainable Economy will be Disruptive. Moreover, solving the Sustainability/ESG issues we face will require significant Cooperation and Collaboration from every stakeholder in the industry ecosystem. Through LG Chem Global Innovation Challenge, we crave to advance our Disruptive Innovation journey, together with your entrepreneurial vision, purpose and spirit.

We are on the lookout for game-changing players with disruptive technologies that are ready to scale their impact and leverage the network, expertise, and funding of Korea’s largest chemical company. By identifying and collaborating with the most game-changing players with disruptive technologies from around the world, LG Chem expands its impact, whilst finding new directions, industries, business models, and ideas.

The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges

The Challenge

Circular Plastics

The domain of Circular Plastics is a concept encompassing both bio and conventional plastics while focusing on a minimizing waste and maximising the reuse of scarce resources. Thereby, transitioning to a more sustainable plastic supply chain.

Renewable Hydrogen

We are looking for innovative startups to explore collaboration opportunities in the domain of Hydrogen. Within the Hydrogen domain the focus lies on three key areas: Utilization, Green and Blue Hydrogen Generation, which are crucial in enabling a more sustainable energy sector.

Carbon Utilization

Carbon Utilization may take a wide variety of forms but is in essence the collection of Carbon from either the atmosphere or industrial processes, where Utilization refers to using the collected carbon for a useful purpose rather than emitting it into the environment.

Sustainable Battery

Li-ion batteries have a high energy density compared to older batteries and do not lose storage capacity with continued use. We’re keen to work with innovative technologies in this direction to build smarter, more efficient and greener batteries.

What's in it for you

  • Admission and access to LG Chem's global business network

  • Various types of funding with the size of 9 billion USD up to 2025 in total

  • Work with LG Chem's both Business and R&D Departments

  • Collaboration opportunities with a variety of experts towards commercialization

Additional Criteria

  • Series A+ and TRL Level 5+

  • Have a novel & sustainable solution

  • With strong foundations and team

  • With strong interest in working with LG Chem


March 15th

Applications Open

1st of May

Deadline for Applications

End of May

Shortlist announcement

Early June


End of June / July

Dealmaking meetings

Deadline passed

The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges