Work with Shell to support the energy transition in the New Energy Challenge

Pilot project, access to Shell GameChangers, expert coaching, access to network Deadline passed

Together with Get in the Ring, Rockstart and YES!Delft, Shell is looking for startups and scaleups active in the energy transition. The goal of the New Energy Challenge is to help support the transition to an energy economy with a lower use of hydrocarbon by working together with innovative companies active in this field.


Over the coming decades, the world will need much more energy to meet the growing demand, to enable a decent quality of life for people across the globe. However, we also need to produce all that energy while emitting less CO2. Our industry could play a crucial role in powering this progress. Therefore, we need to accelerate new business models and enable new innovative technologies. We invite start-ups and scale-ups to present us their ideas and –if there is a match- we want to work together with the companies with the most promising initiatives.


The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges


The New Energy Challenge 2019 calls for European and Israeli startups and scaleups to come forward and work with Shell to make a material difference in the Shell New Energies space. To make the fourth edition of the New Energy Challenge even more impactful, Shell launched two distinct tracks: a track for start-ups in an early or seed phase and a track for scale-ups with ideas applicable to Shell’s Retail stations. In doing so, the challenge will offer companies with different levels of maturity business value; collaboration possibilities, coaching, expertise and access to the Shell network – that suits their specific needs. We’re looking for the following solutions:


New Mobility Solutions

The way we move is changing fast: we power our vehicles differently and more new mobility solutions are being introduced. Shell is building on the future of mobility by making a wider range of transport solutions available to customers. We’re looking for innovative applications, platforms and business models for mobility and transport.

Energy storage solutions

In the future electricity will take up an increasingly bigger share of the global energy mix. To make the electrification of energy systems possible we’re looking for innovative solutions for energy storage and charging are necessary.

Energy management solutions

New energies are not the only way in which we can make a low carbon future a reality, smarter use of energy can also bring us a long way. Increased efficiency remains instrumental in reducing CO2-emissions, therefore the New Energy Challenge is looking for breakthrough energy saving and emission reduction solutions for retail customers.


Electricity from hydrogen has great potential to help meet growing demand for transport, while reducing emissions and improving air quality. We’re looking for solutions that can fast-track the adoption of hydrogen as a carbon free fuel, for instance by offering system solutions and user-centric services. 

Retail Station Reinvented

The way we power transport is changing, as is the role of retail stations. From filling up your tank, hubs to recharge - both literally and figuratively - connect, and relax. We’re looking for new business models, services, and product innovation that will reshape fuelling stations of the future.


  • Access to Shell’s GameChanger accelerator (including seed funding)

  • € 100.000 for proof of concept when entering GameChanger

  • Intensive Validation Lab designed by YES!Delft

  • Access to Shell’s network and experts

  • Access to YES!Delft’s network and experts


  • Design and launch a pilot with Shell Ventures and Shell’s Retail business on a Shell retail site

  • Training and support in pilot design with Shell designed by Rockstart

  • Access to Shell’s network and experts

  • Access to Rockstart’s network and experts


You should

  • Have a solution that is focused on the transition to new energy, with an explanation on how Shell connects to this solution

  • Have a unique scalable product or service

  • Be a registered company in Europe or Israel (equivalent to the Dutch B.V. (eg UK - Ltd. Plc. , Germany - GmbH A.G.)

  • Have at least 2 founders




The deadline for applications in May 24th, at midnight (UTC+1).


The top-10 finalists will be invited to join the finals week from October 2019 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Deadline passed

The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges