Nuon Energy Global Data Challenge

Pilot Project Deadline passed

On August 15th 2015, over 1 billion people used Facebook on a single day. More data is created in the past 2 years than in the entire previous human history combined. The smart energy meters of our customers will produce over 60 trillion data entries per year in 2020. Data is a thing and it is here to stay. 


Nuon is the largest energy supplier in the Netherlands. Just like data, energy is ever-complex, ever-present and ever-important, but also ever-hidden. And it should be. There are more important things in life.

Just like data, energy is essential, but of low interest to our 2 million customers. Our customers want to live in a comfortable, sustainable and affordable way. However, they do not want to be consciously putting effort in creating these conditions everywhere and all the time. Basically, our customers want to enjoy their lives, while things are taken care of. They want their energy matters to be in good hands at Nuon. Specifically, our customers want us to help them lower their energy bill, use and produce more sustainable energy and have an increased sense of comfort in and around their homes.

Because of this, Nuon believes that turning data into meaningful information is the key to relevant solutions for our customer’s problems. Data enables us to deliver tailor made and scalable solutions.  We also believe that a wide array of data based solutions already exist in different countries, sectors and industries. We are curious about these solutions and eager to find out if they can be adapted for our Dutch energy customers.

The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges

What is your solution to this challenge?

We want our 2 million customers to be in good hands at Nuon, by offering relevant and reliable energy solutions to them. How can your solutions offer our customers the ultimate ‘in good hands’ experience?

What if we combine all kinds of available data and create meaningful information out of this, in order to put customers in control of their household or business, and achieve a higher level of comfort along the way? What smart services, products and alerts have you designed for other markets and sectors that can be relevant, personal and actionable for our customers? What could we surprise our customers with, in a positive way?

If you run a startup that is currently working on data driven solutions, regardless of country, market or industry, and you think that your solution might be emulated for Dutch energy customers, we are looking for you!


  • Opportunity to utilize Nuon’s reputation, sales channels and marketing machine to validate concept in a pilot

  • Opportunity to step into a partnership agreement with Nuon to enter the Dutch energy market

  • Meet & greet with relevant high level Nuon/Vattenfall executives in Amsterdam, Stockholm and/or Berlijn


Solutions should be:

  • simple

  • energy, household, personal and or comfort related, but do not need to have a focus on energy production or consumption.

  • bringing recurring benefits in one or more of the following areas

  • improving Net Promoter Score

  • resulting in lower costs for the customer

  • increasing awareness of environmental issues and energy savings

  • resulting in higher revenues for Nuon

  • holding positive PR

Solutions should not be:

  • Vague ideas and concepts: we are looking for solutions that are proven in other industries (banking, finance, insurance, IT, etc) and countries and can be emulated for the Dutch energy market.

  • Propositions to create insights, manage or visualize smart meter data: we have plenty of projects running on this

  • Focused on selling energy as a commodity: this is our core business. We are looking for alternative business models.





A select number of companies will be selected and invited to the final event in the Netherlands on April 21st.


Final Get In The Ring Pitch event: April 21st @ Nuon HQ Amsterdam (Startups pitching through video conference is possible)


Hyko has an award-winning innovation technology, where smart metering meets gamification. Hyko teaches children in the household to be 'energy heroes'. More information on

Deadline passed

The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges