Reinvent the next generation of beauty products with L’Oréal

Pilot project & investment Deadline passed

Get in the Ring and L’Oréal Research & Innovation are looking for startups and small enterprises with unique solutions in the areas of Personalized Beauty, Smart Materials and Delivery Technologies.


Research and Innovation is at the heart of L’Oréal’s philosophy. Startups constantly invent new technologies and L’Oréal is looking to partner with startups and small enterprises in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. Are you ready to co-develop new solutions that go beyond the traditional cosmetic approaches and to reinvent the next generation of beauty products?

The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges


We are looking for solutions from the APAC region within the following themes:

Novel, Smart Materials: new materials with novel properties. Examples include materials that change their properties (reversibly or irreversibly), e.g. change in color, rigidity, conductivity, magnetizability, texture, upon different external stimulus (e.g. light, heat, UV, moisture, micro currents, magnetic fields, pH)

Delivery Technologies: technologies that can enhance and/or control selectively the delivery of active molecules through skin or different elements of skin, scalp or hair. The technology can range from formulations, vectors, devices, energies or materials. Real-time in vivo assessment methods for the penetration of actives that are fast and predictive are also of interest.

Personalized Beauty: predictive solutions for evaluation of skin/ hair for the purposes of providing personalised treatments for consumers. The solutions can be based on biological approaches (DNA or proteins) or distinct physical properties or deposits / exposure of the skin/ hair and can also be devices.

Novel, Smart Materials

- In vitro and in vivo data that demonstrates the materials have the desired effect
- Change has to be triggered by an external stimulus in a controlled fashion
- Biocompatibility

We are not looking for:
- Toxic materials

Delivery Technologies

- Ex vivo and/or in vivo data that demonstrate the efficacy of the technology
- Features enhancement in a controlled fashion
- Safe to use

We are not looking for:
- Technologies that physically disrupt dermis
- Technologies that enhance transdermal/systemic distribution

Personalized Beauty

- Ex vivo and/or in vivo data that demonstrate the efficacy of the technology when benchmarked to standard equipment
- Affordable cost price; ideally suitable for use in developing countries (if possible)
- Results should be obtained in maximum half an hour
- Non-invasive measurement and/or sample collection (e.g. saliva, cheek scrape)
- Safe to use

We are not looking for:
- High cost solutions
- Mail-in solutions (long waiting period between sending sample and receiving results)
- Invasive sample collection methods (blood, skin biopsy)


  • Opportunity to perform a pilot project with one of the L’Oréal Research & Innovation hubs in APAC

  • Access to mentors and industry experts from L’Oréal and partners

  • Startup grant / convertible note of 50,000 Singapore dollars from Startup SG to be used for a pilot with L’Oreal

  • Access to shared wet lab, prototyping lab, and workspace

Terms & Conditions of Startup SG grant


Your company should:

  • have a working prototype or demonstrator

  • be able to launch a finished product within the next 6 months

  • be registered, or have a subsidiary, in the Asia-Pacific region




After the deadline, L'Oréal will review all proposals and shortlist startups for the semi-final


Private Event at THE HANGAR in Singapore


Finals and Announcement of winners at Slingshot@SWITCH in Singapore
Deadline passed

The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges