Heating tap water safely at lower temperatures

Pilot contract, expert coaching Deadline passed

Get in the Ring, Dunea and IF Technology are looking for innovative solutions to safely lower the temperature of warm tap water in the homes of the public. In the Netherlands tap water is of excellent quality. When warmed up for use, it is required to have a minimum temperature of 60 degrees Celsius to prevent and kill legionella bacteria. If less heating were required, the energy usage, costs and CO2 footprint could be lowered. Do you have a solution for the Dutch people to safely use hot tapwater at lower temperatures?


Dunea supplies pure drinking water in harmony with nature and society for over 140 years now. More than 1.3 consumers drink Dunea’s tap water on a daily basis and combined the 560.000 households and companies use more than 76 billion litres of drinking water every year. With its eye on the future, Dunea aims to reduce its own carbon footprint and help others doing the same. They already recycle 100% of their residual products and use renewable energy to keep processes going. But the search for new ways to become more sustainable continues.

The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges


Lowering the minimum temperature of tap water could potentially save 25% of the total generation of heat in the Netherlands. However, the Dutch are used to drinking their water directly from tap and take great pride in its firm global position on quality. This should remain the same. Therefore we are looking for alternative technologies to prevent legionella, such as ultrafiltration, UV-light or AOT that could be implemented in the current tap water systems of households. Do you have a solution that secures the safety and quality of the Dutch tap water, and at the same time make it more sustainable?


  • Pilot contract to test the solution in the Rotterdam region;

  • Expert coaching.


You should

  • have a working prototype or demonstrator;

  • be able to launch a finished product within the next 6 months.




The deadline for applications is January 15th.
Selected startups will be invited to Dunea's HQ in the Netherlands to talk business. The most relevant startup(s) will be awarded with a pilot project.


Selected startups will be invited to Rotterdam on February 22nd, to talk business. The best startup(s) will be awarded with a pilot project.
Deadline passed

The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges