Shell New Energy Challenge

100k warrant, expert coaching, access to network Deadline passed

Together with Get in the Ring, Rockstart and YES!Delft, Shell is looking for startups active in the energy transition. Over the coming decades, the world will need much more energy to meet growing demand to enable a decent quality of life for people across the world. But this is only one part of the story. We also need to produce all that energy while emitting much less CO2. That is the challenge we have to meet — as society. As science. As companies and as consumers. This is the key driver behind the energy transition.


How will this transition unfold?


This industry could play a crucial role in powering this progress. What needs to be done in this century — and sooner rather than later — is to accelerate new business models and enable new innovative technologies. Integrated energy solutions that are effective. That are profitable. And can survive at scale. Preferably at global scale.

The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges


The third edition of the European wide New Energy Challenge is a tough competition that measures and pushes the boundaries of the promise and the proof of  startups active in energy transition. Especially startups working at the crossroad of integrated energy solutions and Smart Energies, reducing the climate impact in a future energy system.

The New Energy Challenge 2018 calls for European and Israeli startups to come forward and work with Shell. Shell is a strong believer of cooperation when aiming for a fully functioning zero-carbon energy system over time, which can only succeed when working together.

New fuels for transport

Solutions could include technologies like: electricity, hydrogen, ethanol, biodiesel, and more.

Renewable power

New solutions to extract wind and solar energy.

Energy storage

Interesting technologies include: P2G, carbon capture and storage, electrification storage, and more.

Customer connection models

Ways to connect customers with new business models for mobility and energy services, driven by the digital and energy transition.


  • €100,000 grant + warrant from Shell Ventures;

  • Business advice from Shell Ventures for at least one year;

  • A chance to pitch before the Shell Ventures investment committee;

  • Coaching and advice from a Shell mentor and great experts during Raise the Bar Week

  • Direct entry to world-class accelerator programs (YES!Delft or Rockstart)

Additional criteria

You should

  • Have a solution that is focused on the transition to new energy, with an explanation how Shell connects to this solution;

  • Have a unique scalable product or service preferably with early revenues and a credible management team;

  • Be a registered company in Europe or Israel (equivalent to the Dutch B.V. (eg UK - Ltd. Plc. , Germany - GmbH A.G.);

  • Have at least 2 founders;




Deadline for completed entries is July 23th, 2018.


The top-10 finalists will be invited to join the finals week from October 14th-18th in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


On October 18th the top-10 finalists will be doing their final pitch before the jury - who will then decide the Winner of the New Energy Challenge 2018.
Deadline passed

The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges