Tackle social challenges with the Municipality of The Hague

Pilot project, expert coaching, access to network Deadline passed

Together with the Municipality of The Hague we are looking for solutions to challenges related to different social topics like using technology to help people overcome their physical or mental limitations, or finding new ways to reduce waste and use recycled material for new products. As part of the Startup in Residence program, the Municipality has created an innovative way to collaborate with startups in pilot projects. There are two selection moments, where the goal is to enter into a 4-month program to further develop your prototype and proposal with an initial budget of 7k. Afterwards you will work towards a pilot with the Municipality worth 20K.

The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges

Overview of the Challenges presented

Uber-fantastic transportation

The municipality of The Hague facilitates and finances various types of transport for people who cannot or are insufficiently able to travel by public transport independently. Solutions must have a system that is easy to use for those who are not as comfortable with digitization.

Easy for parking

Paying for parking can be quite tricky at times. This is especially the case for tourists or visitors that do not park in The Hague very often. While they do want to buy a ticket, these people are not familiar with the city and might have trouble finding a parking meter. We are looking for creative solutions that make it easy for these visitors to buy a ticket without having to use an actual parking meter.

The hybrid worker

Develop innovative smart combinations of people and technology solutions so people overcome their physical or mental limitations and can get back to work. We are in need of hardware and robotic solutions. Platforms connecting existing solutions or re-integration agencies are not part of the scope.

Go for social return

Make alternative ways of social return more attractive to entrepreneurs. The municipality of The Hague puts a lot of projects out to tender, which leads to new job opportunities. Social return is compulsory for companies that win a municipal tender, but for companies it is often hard to find ways to do this. We are looking for solutions that aim to help companies/employees find and implement social return on investment options.

Voting without borders

Develop a digital and secure way to send voting documents making sure that citizens living abroad will receive their voting documents at all times.

The numbers tell the tale

Develop a system to accurately measure visitor numbers at free events in the city.

Smarter on the grid

Develop a smart system that monitors and manages heat pump installations.

Easy access

Find new ways to ensure that local entrepreneurs retain their customers after road closures. The solutions should focus on changing the behavior of both business owners, as well as their customers. Solutions can vary from social media/marketing solutions to technical solutions motivating customers to walk or cycle.

Upcycling electronic waste

Develop new products from parts of old, discarded computers and other electronic devices. Solutions should focus on creating employment opportunities in the city and aim at a circular economy.

No lunch to waste

Find a way to reduce food waste at organized lunches, starting at the Municipality. We are looking for an application that allows consumers to indicate what he/she wants to have for lunch ‘last minute’. By choosing from a standard range of products, the customer can order lunch for example by replying to an email, calendar request or via a chat-bot.




The applications close on May 22nd.


The announcement of the selected startups is done on June 12th. You will take part in a 3 week validation program, where there will be deep-dive sessions with the Municipality to finetune your pitch.


The final pitches take place on September 4th.


Selected startups will get an initial budget of 7k to develop their prototype and business proposal further and participate in a 4-month program by Startup in Residence.


After the Startup in Residence program, the aim is to enter into a pilot with the Municipality. There is a budget of at least 20k available for this.
Deadline passed

The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges