Tackle social issues using data insights and awareness tools with the Dutch Ministry of Interior

Pilot contract, Expert coaching, Access to internal experts Deadline passed

Get in the Ring and the Dutch Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations are looking for innovative solutions to tackle some of the most pressing social issues within the Netherlands. This includes providing data driven insight into housing problems and the use of agriculture lands and farmer subsidies. As well as solutions to tackle digital illiteracy and solutions to create awareness for environmentally neutral housing options.


As part of the Startup in Residence program, the Dutch Ministry of Interior has created an innovative way to collaborate with startups through an open tendering process. Part of this process is the first step of doing a pilot project and being part of a program guiding you through this stage. The second step, in case the project is successful, is unique to these challenges, which is the opportunity to scale up fast. The official tender process will start with accepting applications in the next two weeks. Let us know you’re interested and you’ll be notified.

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Help defining the different groups in Dutch community who are in need of prompt housing by data driven insight and innovative instant housing solutions.

Around 10% of the households in the Netherlands need housing that is available promptly because something in their life suddenly changed. This group consists of (international) students, (labour) migrants, people who are separating or people out of social care amongst others. Their housing needs are usually temporarily and need to be affordable. This type of housing is very scarce. That’s why the Ministry of Interior has been working towards a new form of housing on top of the usual forms of housing in The Netherlands; more flexible and adapting to the changing ways of how we are living and working. One of the main issues is that the target group is not visible as a whole for municipalities and housing corporations can change over time.


Support in the control and prevention of fraud in the use of lease land by using data driven insights.

The Central Government has 45.000 hectares of lease land, currently in use by farmers. For leasing the land farmers receive subsidies. There are conditions for subsidies and leasing the land. An important condition is the obligation for farmers to cultivate different type of crops during a period of 6 years, in order to avoid exhaustion of the land and to preserve the quality of the soil. However, for the government it is difficult to check the (improper) use of the land. Currently it is not possible to control the relation between lease lands – and how they are used – and the granted subsidies.


Help digital illiterate inhabitants becoming more independent and used to the digital society by providing innovative solutions to engage them within the digital world.

Society is increasingly digitizing. Unfortunately, digitization is not benefiting everyone in the Netherlands equally, resulting in a digital gap between people who use the opportunities of digitization and people who have difficulty to catch up with digital development. The consequences are directly noticeable and can result in problems regarding finances, housing, work and health issues. There are many initiatives that are concerned with improving basic digital skills. However, recent research has shown that is has been difficult to reach the target group and relatively few people from the target group participate in the initiatives.


Stimulate homeowners to move towards housing options without the use of natural gas by implementing innovative awareness tools and data insight solutions.

The Dutch government is focusing on reaching the climate goals of Paris. In trying to reach these goals the Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations is aiming for a gas free environment. Therefore, the ministry seeks ways to encourage homeowners to take action to cease using natural gas in their houses. Meaning, homeowners should be stimulated to renovate their houses and use alternative ways of heating like electricity or a heat network. However, few homeowners take action, even while the right conditions are in place like financial support. The most heard reasons are: unawareness, lack of urgency, no clear perspective how to act and too much hassle.

What's in it for you

  • Pilot contract with the Ministry of Interior through a tender process.

  • Expert coaching in the process of the collaboration with the Ministry.

  • Access to internal experts of the Ministry.

Additional Criteria:

Your solution should:

  • Adhere to the specific tender criter.

  • Have a working prototype or demonstrator.

  • Be able to launch a finished product or service within the next 12 months.


End of October


End of October we open up the applications.
December 10th


The deadline for the applications is December 10th


In January we announce the selected startups.
EARLY 2019


The pilot projects will start early 2019.
Deadline passed

The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges