Tackle social challenges with the province of Gelderland

Pilot project Deadline passed

Together with the Province of Gelderland we are looking for solutions to challenges related to different social topics like increasing the participation in sports for disabled people, energy savings for lower incomes, and more.

As part of the Startup in Residence program, the province has created an innovative way to collaborate with startups in pilot projects. For each of these pilot projects a budget is available of € 50.000. For startups that first need to improve or create a prototype or do more research, vouchers are available of € 20.000.

The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges

Overview of the challenges presented

Generating renewable energy

How can we use the Gelderland rivers to generate sustainable energy?

Sports participation for people with disabilities

How can we ensure that sports participation of people with disabilities increases?

Low income and energy saving

How can we ensure that people with a low income can also take energy measures for their purchase or rental house?

Care for the elderly and technology

How can we ensure that technological care by the elderly is experienced as a valuable addition?

Alternative public transport

How do we ensure that people in the outskirts and suburbs can make more use of alternative forms of mobility than current public transport?

Tailor-made food

How can we ensure that nutrition is made more tailor-made so that it directly contributes to the recovery of the elderly and children?


23 Februari 2018


Deadline passed

The deadline for this Challenge has passed, please check out our other Challenges