"Some of the biggest success stories from Toulouse are in the Internet of Things (IoT), but we do also have tons of other startups that are interesting."

Sandrine Jullien-Rouquié

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Toulouse is part of

Workforce Augmentation Competition

The Workforce Augmentation Competition of Get in the Ring is an opportunity for startups of different stages to gain exposure and credibility by being selected as a winner of a local event. It's a great chance to be part of a global network to explore business opportunities.


Get in the Ring Toulouse - Workforce Augmentation

Event date

26 Nov 2020

00. Preparations
Hold on tight! Not much longer until startups can apply.
01. Nominations
We are live! Contracts have been sealed, pencils have been sharpened. Apply for the online competition!
02. Online voting
Let the voting begin! Vote for your favourite startup to earn them a spot among the best.
03. Winner announcement
The moment we have all been waiting for. During this stage, we find out who the winner is and will be joining us at the Global Meetup


Congratulations to Moten Technologies

Moten Technologies received a ticket towards the Global Meetup. Moten Technologies will join 100+ other startups for the best opportunities at the Global Meetup.

We thank our Champion Jury members

Julien Fredonie

Head of Strategic Venture Partnerships Europe Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH

Jonathan Bainée

External Venturing Project Manager Saint-Gobain

Rafael Aldon

Investor & Advisor VenturesOne