“Not sure what to expect, we were overwhelmed by the reactions. More than 100 startups reacted from all over the world, including the US and Canada, but also Taiwan and South Korea. We had such a hard time selecting the top 10 for the final pitch in the ring, that we adapted and decided to invite the top 20 and are looking into possibilities to work with them all.”

Benno Tieke - Director business creation at Philips

Stay ahead of the curve and keep renewing yourself

Collaborating with startups provides you access to innovative solutions and talented entrepreneurs. Together you can renew and stay ahead of the curve. We work with corporates as their innovation partner to connect with startups and startup ecosystems on a global scale.

Why work with us?

  • 1 central point of contact for activities in multiple countries

  • A network with leading startup support organization that can provide support anywhere, anytime

  • Connect with thousands of startups in an engaging way

What we can do for you

With more than 150 events per year we provide a great entry point to brand yourself among thousands of innovators globally and engage with them to startup collaborations.

Are you looking to work with startups? You want to collaborate, invest or buy? Via our global scouting network we identify them for your through open or closed calls.

Together with our global partner network of industry focused accelerators we provide a guidance program where we invest together in making pilots more successful.

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