One of the most innovative countries in the world has a booming startup ecosystem. The connected, open-minded society has always been a natural test-bed for inventions.


With this diagram, policy makers and ecosystem builders can visualize the full startup ecosystem of The Netherlands and highlight the role and positioning of key stakeholders.

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Startup Infrastructure Diagram

About The Dutch Ecosystem


Enabling growth

The Netherlands excels in the support it offers to startups, with some Dutch incubators ranked as top business incubators worldwide.


Access to finance

More than 646 million euros were invested in Dutch startups in 2017. The diagram visualises the stakeholders that provide capital: from preseed to private equity.


Interaction and collaboration

In a strong entrepreneurship ecosystem, stakeholders know how and where to find each other and work together to build on the ecosystem. The Dutch ecosystem is well-connected through dozens of events, collaboration platforms, coworking spaces and more. On a national level, StartupDelta connects all innovation hubs and works towards better links within the ecosystem to ultimately operate as “one single hub”.


Entrepreneurial talent

The Netherlands belongs to the worldwide top when it comes to education and research. Entrepreneurial skills and mindset are increasingly part of the curriculum. The Global School for Entrepreneurship takes it a step further by offering a 4-year bachelor program fully focused on entrepreneurship.


Areas of excellence

The Dutch ecosystem with its 10+ innovation hubs is a worldwide leader in the development of new knowledge, expertise and innovation. Knowledge and expertise is available to startups, which helps them develop more quickly into fast-growing companies. We also see the rise of new partnerships and clusters that develop knowledge and create networks, often focusing on a specific theme or area of expertise. One example is The Hague Security Delta (HSD).

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