Global Startup Competition 2023/2024

Get in the Ring Osaka – 2023/2024

Get in the Ring Osaka – 2023/2024 edition aims at identifying the best startups from Japan to test and scale their solutions with our partners. We’re looking for the most promising solutions that are able to shape our future and help solve 21st century challenges in different areas. By participating in Get in the Ring Osaka, startups gain exposure via our global platform of Get in the Ring and have their business displayed for a global audience.

Application deadline: 22 Oct 2023
Event date: 18 Dec 2023
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Get in the Ring Osaka is part of the Global Startup Competition 2023

At the Global Meetup 2022…


Applicants have the chance to test and prove their solutions with partners and be recognized as a leading startup on an international stage. Winning solutions will be communicated to our global network of SuperConnectors, investors, corporates and governments.


Osaka is gaining attention as the growing hub for startups in Asia. Its municipality also provides dynamic support programs, allowing greater cooperation between public and private parties. Based on the strength of the startup ecosystem, the city is ranked second in Japan right behind Tokyo.


The selected startup of Get in the Ring Osaka will be invited to the Global Meetup 2023/2024. The Global Meetup will be filled with deal-making days with 100+ industry experts, global partners and investors with the goal to support, invest and scale unconventional solutions to global challenges.

Get in the Ring Global Meetup

The Global Meetup is the final of the Global Startup Competition of Get in the Ring. In the past, the event has been hosted in cities such as Medellin to Berlin and from Cascais to Singapore. The destination of the Global Meetup 2023/2024 will be announced soon!

“After winning the Global Meetup 2017, we got investors’ attention and gained the recognition we needed to close a $3m fund. Being part of the Get in the Ring community has been hugely beneficial for us.”


Last year’s winners…

Eaglys, Inc.

A great opportunity to showcase your startup, and to compete for the grand prize – Get in the ring is a great event that helps you get exposure and network with like minded individuals.


Mr. Michal Kiezik
Global Director


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Hacarus, Inc.

Get in the Ring provides an excellent platform for start-ups to showcase their solutions, reach new customers, partners and investors in a novel and fun way – there are plenty of pitch competitions out there, but none quite like this – boxing ring and all!


Mr. Adrian V.J Sossna
VP of Global Sales


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HoloAsh, Inc.

It was a pleasure participating in such an amazing pitch competition. It is a great opportunity for startups to convey their message. A practice pitch will allow you to demystify the essential aspects of your startup. Joining the Get in the Ring is the best way to show your value in a short period of time.


Yoshua Kishi


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Nihon Agri, Inc.

We are very pleased to have been given the great opportunity at Get in the Ring. It was wonderful to meet with a diverse group of entrepreneurs and investors to enhance our global exposure!


Mr. Shohei Naito


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Que Q Thailand

If you have a great story to tell and looking to make an impact in Japan and beyond, then GITR in Osaka is a ÅgmustÅh world-wide pitching competition that will put you in front of the pack.

Get in the Ring gave us an amazing opportunity to gain early exposure and attention from investors, corporates and startup community. Of course, all participating startups are also winners in their own right! Thanks again GITR Osaka!


Jim Huang


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Root Inc.

The unique format of a short pitch in the ring creates a sense of tension and comprehensibility.
Best of all, the ringmaster’s understanding and progression at the event was amazing!
I was also inspired by the event and renewed our commitment to continue to create new value and markets for digital content in the agricultural industry.


Keisuke Kishi


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Get in the Ring Osaka – 2023/2024