Global Startup Competition 2022

Get in the Ring Urban Mobility Portugal 2021

We are looking for the real champions, those who are innovators fighting for a better world. And that is why we look for real mobility problems, owned by Municipalities. Winning this Get in the Ring event is not just about the 5k euros prize, or 1:1 with investors and clients, but actually deploying your technology with a city, making it accessible to all. So let’s get ready to rumble!

Application deadline: 23 May 2021
Event date: 08 Jun 2021 - 09 Jun 2021
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Live on: 9 June, 3PM CEST

The champion jury of Get in the Ring Portugal

Daniel Serra Segarra

Director of Innovation South Hub EIT Urban Mobility

Gonçalo Amorim

Founder and CEO BGI

Jurgen Nieuwenhuijsen

Director Get in the Ring (by Unknown Group) Unknown Group

Our selection jury members

José de Sá

National Team Sales Manager Vodafone Portugal

Cláudia Jardim

Indirect Sales Management - North, Madeira & Azores Vodafone

Valter Nunes

Partner Account Manager Vodafone Portugal

André Oliveira

IoT & ICT Account Manager Vodafone

Luís Rodrigues

Director Startup Braga

Paula Grijó

City Councilwoman City of Abrantes

Guido Teles

City Councilman City of Angra do Heroismo

Pedro Moreira

Manager at Intermodal Public Transport Hub City City of Braga

Ricardo Gonçalves

Coordinator of the Innovation and Investment Office City of Fundão

Tome Pereira Canas

Head of Open Innovation BGI

Sofia Fernandes

Head of Business Development BGI

Get in the Ring Urban Mobility Portugal 2021 is part of the Global Startup Competition 2022

At the Global Meetup 2022…


Applicants have the chance to test and prove their solutions with partners and be recognized as a leading startup on an international stage. Winning solutions will be communicated to our global network of SuperConnectors, investors, corporates and governments.


Portugal is gaining attention as the growing hub for startups in Western Europe. Its municipalities also provids dynamic support programs, allowing greater cooperation between public and private parties.


The winner of Get in the Ring Portugal earns a fully-sponsored ticket to the Global Meetup 2022, where they will join the most innovative and brightest changemakers from our Global Network – unusual suspects converging at a truly global melting pot!

Get in the Ring Global Meetup

The Global Meetup is the final of the Global Startup Competition of Get in the Ring. In the past, the event has been hosted in cities such as Medellin to Berlin and from Cascais to Singapore. The location of the Global Meetup of this year, has to be announced yet.

The winner of this event will win full sponsorship for 1 person to attend the Global Meetup.

We believe in making mobility smart, and in business creation, and that is exactly what GiTR Portugal brings to the table



Abrantes – visit the city page

Abrantes a city located in the district of Santarém, right in the center of Portugal. It was built around a castle in a hill, which means its historic center is located in rough terrain and not very mobility friendly. Some years ago, the municipality closed some areas of the city center and introduced aBUSa, a minibus that circulates exclusively in the city centre, nonstop, during the day. The municipality is looking for help to increase the number of users and keep this service sustainable and its circulation smooth.

[Applications closed]

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Angra do Heroísmo – visit the city page

The current public transport network in the Terceira Island is not serving the population efficiently. The buses are mostly empty and the schedules and routes fail to meet the needs of the inhabitants of the island. In the short term, a new central bus station will be built and the municipality is taking this opportunity to redesign the network to make it attractive thus increasing its use and decreasing the volume of traffic in the city center of Angra do Heroísmo. This redesigned network must connect the two main municipalities in the island and the urban municipalities.

[Applications closed]

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Braga – visit the city page

For the last decades, in line with most of the country, Braga was built around the car. Large roads were built in order to accommodate more traffic and allow it to flow as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, over the last few years, there has been an effort to promote the inversion of the existing mobility model, setting the pedestrian and universal accessibility as the main focus. The challenge here is to make the city friendlier to pedestrians and cyclists, focussing on road safety and vision zero, without jeopardizing the need for the road mode of transportation fluidity.

[Applications closed]

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Fundão – visit the city page

Fundão is a municipality with low population density. Many of the 61 localities of the municipality are located more than 30 minutes away from the city.
Many of the public transportation lines were dismantled for economic reasons, leaving thousands of people scattered over dozens of localities without access to public transportation. We aim at identifying new mobility solutions to areas with low population density, connecting the needs of the population with the available operational resources. This is a particularly critical issue given its direct relationship with citizens’ access to several essential public services, which cannot be jeopardized under any pretext.

[Applications closed]

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Get in the Ring Urban Mobility Portugal 2021