Global Startup Competition 2022

Get in the Ring Split 2021

Get in the Ring Split 2021 is the opportunity for local startups to pitch to prospective investors, partners and mentors. The best startups will be selected to pitch their project to a special jury in front of large audience. Only 6 startups will be drafted, out of 12 selected participants, to get in the ring. Check out our program and apply now to compete!

Application deadline: 17 Oct 2021
Event date: 28 Oct 2021 - 29 Oct 2021
Requirements, documents and FAQs
Practical Information

Initiative of

Our Ringmaster

Michael Freer

Director Ensoco

Our champion jury members

Antonio Kuzmanić

Deputy Mayor City of Split

Pawel Bochniarz

Chairman MIT Enterprise Forum CEE

Andreas Spechtler

Founder and CEO Silicon Castles

Our selection jury members

Vedran Blagus

Investment Manager South Central Ventures

Noortje van Heijst

Junior Investment Manager Unknown Group

Andrea Čordaš

Venture Partner Hellen's Rock

Jan Debets

Head of Operations Business Angels Europe

Darja Ogorodnik

Scouting Manager Startup Wise Guys

Edward Platt

COO Kavedon Kapital

Ivana Culjak

COO Invento Capital Partners

How you benefit from Get(ting) in the Ring


In the last few years there has been rise in the number of startups, incubators and resources available in Croatia, this has significantly changed the mindset of local people about the idea of entrepreneurship. Croatia undertook a massive development project, in which Split plays a big role.

Global exposure for your startup

-The winner will have access to investment opportunities

-Test and prove your solutions with partners

-Be recognized as a leading startup from Croatia globally

-Connect with your next business partners at the virtual Global Meetup 2022

Access to the Global Meetup

The selected startup of Get in the Ring Split will be invited to the Global Meetup 2022.

The Global Meetup will be filled with deal-making days with 100+ industry experts, global partners and investors with the goal to support, invest and scale unconventional solutions to global challenges.

Get in the Ring Global Meetup

The Global Meetup is the final of the Global Startup Competition of Get in the Ring. In the past, the event has been hosted in cities such as Medellin to Berlin and from Cascais to Singapore. The destination of the Global Meetup 2022 will be announced soon!

“After winning the Global Meetup 2017, we got investors’ attention and gained the recognition we needed to close a $3m fund. Being part of the Get in the Ring community has been hugely beneficial for us.”