Frequently Asked Questions about the Bayer Social Innovation Award

What do participants of the Bayer Social Innovation Award get?

The Bayer Social Innovation Award rewards 4 entrepreneurs with a 35,000 EUR cash prize each to scale their businesses.

If you are part of the 12 finalists, you will be invited to join the award ceremony in Europe and meet the international impact ecosystem as well as take part in an impact workshop. Next to that, you will get access to the network of Bayer and Get in the Ring.

Who can apply to this challenge?

You can apply to this challenge if you fulfil the following criteria:

● Your startup provides a water solution, technology or product
● Your startup has a strong focus on creating social impact in low and middle income countries in the Global South (Latin America, Africa, Middle East, Asia Pacific)
● Your startup is between the pilot and revenue stage

Can I apply if I don’t speak English?

No unfortunately not. At least one team member from the participating startup must have a good level of English to be shortlisted. During the program you need to be able to pitch, explain your solution and answer questions in English.

Applications that are in other language than English will not be considered.

Can I apply if my company is not based in the Global South?

In order to be selected for this challenge your company must conduct your business activities and impact in at least one low or middle income country in the regions of Latin America, Africa, Middle East or Asia Pacific. You might still be eligible if your company is registered outside these regions but then you must emphasise what local presence you have in the Global South.

What is meant by social impact?

To be selected for this challenge you need to have a strong focus on making a social impact in an underserved community in the Global South. Examples include health or sanitation improvements, the support of rural smallholder communities and water training or education. Solutions with an environmental impact focus such as protecting natural resources will also be considered.

What is the info session?

The info sessions give you the opportunity to meet the team behind the award from Bayer and Get in the Ring to ask all the questions you have. There are three info sessions in total with each their own focus area:

● Asia Pacific – Tuesday 31st of May, 10:00 CEST
● Africa and Middle East – Tuesday 14th of June, 15:00 CEST
● Latin America – Thursday 23th of June, 17:00 CEST

While each session has a different focus region, you can join the info session that suits you best.

You can signup for the info session here.

What is public voting and how does it work?

When you become one of the shortlisted startups you will automatically participate in the Public Voting. Your startup will be grouped in one of the three corresponding regions: Latin America, Africa and Middle east, or Asia Pacific. The public will learn about your company and vote for their favourite startup via the Get in the Ring platform. The startup with the most votes will win and will be one of the finalists for the award. Each region will have their own winner.