The road to Medellin

Nine regional finals, 80 countries, 130+ events, 20.000 visitors, 5.000 startups. This was the 2015/2016 season of Get in the Ring. Many exceptional events across the world aimed to give startups global exposure and opportunities to scale. The season included highlights such as 24 national finals during one special week, and first Get in the Ring events in countries like Qatar, Bangladesh, Dominican Republic, Norway, Palestine, Algeria, Sudan, Kosovo.

Highlights of the Season

The season of 2015/16

The Global Meetup of 2016

Regional highlights


80 national finals were hosted to identify the most promising startups in all corners of the world. These winners came together in regional finals to compete in their weight classes and obtain a ticket to the Global Meetup 2016. Featured below are the national finals held in South Africa as well as the regional finals in Mexico & Saudi Arabia.

National Final

Get in the Ring South Africa
– Johannesburg –

Get in the Ring South Africa National Final was held on 18th November 2015. Building on the momentum of the Local Finals, more than 300 visitors came to Johannesburg to see the most promising startups pitch for a chance to be called the National winner of South Africa. Among the visitors were Mark Rutte (the Prime Minister of the Netherlands), Antoine van der Laan (TomTom Global), Jean-Francois Boxmeer (CEO Heineken), Marissa Gerards (Ambassador Dutch Embassy in South Africa) and the Deputy Mayor of Johannesburg.


Out of the 230 startups applications, 60 startups were selected for the pre-selection round which included workshops and pitching sessions during the day. The judges had the tough job to select the final 6 teams who would pitch in the Ring.  


The 3 winners of South Africa are: Adfire Creative Media, Stokvella and New Tech. These 3 startups  will represent South Africa in the Regional Final of Southern and Central Africa.

Regional Final

Get in the Ring Middle East
– Riyadh –

On 15th of February 2016, all the winners of the national finals in the Middle East joined together in Riyadh for the Regional Final in the Middle East. Over 450 visitors and hundreds more through the livestream witnessed some spectacular battles. The jury, Nasser AlSaadon (STC Telecom), Gary Jinks(Founder of South Valley Angels), Tarek Fahim (Partner at Endure Capital), Yousef Hammad (Beco Capital) & Maasbert Schouten (Founder & CEO of Maasinvest), had a tough decision in choosing the winner.


After two heated battles the expert jury selected startup Vanoman as the Lightweight winner and SolarizEgypt as Middleweight winner. The show ended with a short keynote of Dr. Khaled H. Biyari, CEO of STC, sharing his view on the entrepreneurial developments in the region and the need to innovate as large corporate.

Regional Final

Get in the Ring North America
– Mexico City –

Twelve of the most promising startups of the region Northern America traveled to Mexico-City for the next stage in the Get in the Ring competition organized by Endeavor Mexico. The winning startups of Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Costa Rica, United States, Canada and Mexico battled for tickets for the International Final of Get in the Ring. The award show took place in a fantastic location: Polyforum, a cultural facility that is part of the World Trade Center in Mexico City.

After 3 battles of five rounds each, the team of Jury Champions consisting of high caliber business leaders in Mexico: César Pérez (Southern Cross Group), Huibert Aalbers (IBM), and Pilar Aguilar (Endeavor Mexico) asked some tough questions to the startups to make the final decision. After a short deliberation the Jury Champion Members crowned Squirl from the USA, Aislatum from Mexico, and Estaffmatch from Canada as winners of this Regional Final.

Regional Hosts of 2016

North America

South America

North Africa


Western Europe

Southern Europe

Eastern Europe

Middle East

Central and Southern Africa

Media highlights

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Global Meetup 2016

Champion jury members of 2016

Verne Harnish

Ceo Gazelles, Founder EO

Ingrid Vanderveldt

CEO/Founder of Empowering a Billion Women by 2020

Fatih Kahyaoglu

Former Managing Director Sensation & ID&T

Luz Maria Jaramillo

Country Managing Partner Colombia EY

Andres Barreto

Seed Investor and Serial Entrepreneur Socialatom Ventures


Global Winners 2016



Africa – Morocco

LIK is a mobile application allowing consumers to get free phone credits in exchange for advertisement. LIK broadcasts all type of advertising visuals and guarantees target concentration for the brands as the ads are displayed on call reception.



South America – Colombia

Biodencell is a stem cell bank with dental stem cells obtained from milk teeth. With these cells it is possible to repair damaged tissues, e.g. burned skin, and solve immunologic diseases such as arthritis, diabetes and multiple sclerosis.



Asia – South Korea

The DOT designs Smart devices with Braille display for the visually impaired. The Smart watch is based on active Braille technology, using innovative magnetic technology and has the same features as Smartwatches for the seeing.

Runner ups of 2016

















Interview with Aquanos and Firelayers at i24 News


“Platform like Get in the Ring is ideal for young entrepreneurs who are looking at getting an extended exposure to the startup community of other countries. It gives the startups visibility internationally which is useful for market access. It will not only support current startups in India by facilitating them in scaling up their operations, but will also encourages more people to join the league”


Rajat Tandon, 2015, Vice President Nasscom 10k Startups India

Other editions of the Global Startup Competition